BY Carl A. Patton 4-27-08


In the world that looked as a distinction between

God there was a man that the world by its standards

thought was poor.


He described it as Po as he had not the resources to add

another o nor r, so he was Po John are just Po John.

As he made various transitions upon the land the hand

of God rested on his shoulders as he knew not that

he would come but God knew.


Meanwhile he never knew as he walked, ran and

crawled toward his conversion that he was Po. He

heard the word in a blues songs as his brethren

cried out about the experiences of being Po and Black.


But as he was blessed to see the Father and embrace Christ

he began to count his blessings. These blessings were counted

as riches as he stored them in the heart not the bank.

Was this man Po and Rich? Just how can you be Po and Rich?


Just what is Po? Is being Poor the same thing as being Po?

Is there a different poverty for some people? Can anyone that embrace

Christ as their Savior with a sincere heart be Po (Poor)?


Just how do the riches of God and Christ feed the Po?

What is the good in knowing God and Christ and being what the

world describes as Poor?


John, now rich noted that the world does not ascribe anything

to the righteous. Our inspiration and authority comes from God, Christ

and the Bible. We also look to prayer, resting on faith and patience.


There will come a Great Day for all that remain in righteousness. Along the way the

Word will feed us and we will find the joy, comfort and hope in Christ.



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