12-11-05-12-27-05 by Carl A. Patton, Atlanta, GA



There walking upon the green earth were two men. One man saw many things of materialism. He saw cars, houses, boats, jewelry and good times. These times were only good with wine, women and song. He failed to see the rain.


Meanwhile the other man called John saw the great Creation. It stretched far and wide. Here what was most beautiful was the great outdoors.


The grass was green and brown. The trees stood tall as large flowers coming out of the earth.


He loved to see the birds fly and sing. A squirrel scrambled up a tree and paused to look at his surroundings. The crows flew north and south.


Great is the sky and the clouds abounding. Here fell the rain. It felt good. He saw the rain fall and knew from whence it came. This brought him everlasting joy.




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