“Many Ways Censorship Is Re-Defined?



Walking out upon the green earth I saw many questions and concerns. These questions begged for answers. As they were important. Meanwhile many scribes passed them by.


They were often passed by because so many held fast to one side. Here the analysis was limited. Also many did not care as they were paid to see a particular cause and held allegiance to things.  Like money. Some even claimed principles and values but were confused as these values embraced the world. Sadly all of these bandits against Truth did not realize that to know God is to know Truth.


The arrows meanwhile were cast at the righteous scribe. Their reasoning called on new questions to be explored as he sought to make an analysis of the criticism of his view of the Creation.


“This reminds us of the man who came with only several tables to write upon. However the enemies of Truth raised additional questions. In this they laid out a great spread as the bandits had been busy. Many of these questions were unheard of. But they merited answers.


The negative of the trials of the scribe was to give up. In this the world was undefeated. However the positive in tribulations was to continue at all costs. Many tactics of a warrior were soon realized. He also saw many questions answered that once were a mystery.”


Peace and love, Carl Patton writing or the FreedomJournal 17 November 2005 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus





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