December 6, 2006, Stewart’s Creek, by Carl A. Patton


There was once a very poor man.

At least by the world’s standards

he was poor.


However he always had enough to

eat. Shoes and clothing rested

under a sufficient roof as

the rain and wind this time,



Was chased away.  As he ate

he declined much red

meat and steaks. The filet

and prime of the rib were


All long gone. Rare was not fair.

The fields brought fruit

grain and fresh vegetables of

every description. The oil,


From the sea and the fish

soothed his body so did

many herbs that seasoned food,


And spoke to the body as

healing teas, potions and



He also took time to clear his water

as this was the most treasured



Sadly his thoughts and love for

God and the Creation was thought

very strange. As he relished

the sun and its warmth he had good

thoughts of charity and the joy

and love of giving.


He also thought he was richer

than the most wealthy, so blind

that he did not see the stars.

He meanwhile could see the

rich side but the poor side

saw more.


He was blessed to see the Light.

While the rich attempted to

turn night into light.



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