14 April 2006, Atlanta, GA, by Carl A. Patton


Once there were two men, they were not the best of friends as one was a believer and one claimed to know God. However his fruits were seen in spoiled and rotten things on and off the vine. One man loved the other but he did not love sin.


There were also many families and not just these two very opposite men. They came upon two roads as they were seen from the time they came upon Godís green earth. All along the roads were many people. Some followed the Spirit and some followed money, tradition and custom.


The man who thought he could build his road also thought that man was the great road builder. He thrived on evil and things not good. He did not know who built all roads. Meanwhile the man called John who tried to minister to the lost man told him and many others of the Creator.


He talked of one faith. But those who embraced evil and things not good came to believe that there were many faiths. John also talked of one Book of Laws. The goat herder talked of many books, versions and interpretations. This foolish herder of goats also tried,


To deny the Great Apostle. Some even went over the side of the Goat dung pile and called the Messiah into question as a fleshly man with lustful desires of passion.This righteous man John stood firm and revealed that only one road led to Paradise.



Meanwhile the wicked thought they were great contractors, engineers and road builders. John continued to testify that he wanted to reap the free gift of salvation.John dreamed of all being saved. Salvation was also a cry of those mis-led by man. He who was man had his own covenant.


Many others also had covenants denying the one covenant that would not change. There was much land and many believed that many roads led to Christ. Did the thief think he could build his own road? Why did he throw garbage and place ditches and persecute John all long his clean road that came to be the Glory of God.


Was the goat herder confused as he sought to personalize something spiritual and Divine? John was amazed as the sky, the moon, stars and sun spoke of who built all roads. One led to Paradise and one led to Hell beyond.




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