December 19, 2006, Victory Park, Smyrna, TN by Carl A. Patton


John was seen sitting high upon the Mountain Top.

From his high post he looked down into a garbage dump

called the Valley.


Many buildings stood tall and large.

They had been designed by some of the

greatest architects that lived.


Often the people in the Valley looked up at

The great buildings of glass, steel, iron, stone and wood.

In their eyes you could see great amazement as they

hailed greatness among the buildings that man made.


Meanwhile we heard John reciting great verses

he found in scripture. “The Heavens declare

the glory of God and the firmament sheweth

His handy work”.


But man continued to build taller buildings

and wage a contest as to who had the tallest.

However none came close to matching the

Great Mountain Tops.


Nor did they reach as high as the sky.

Also the people seemed very busy all through

the Valley while John rested on the

Mountain and slept in Peace.




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