My Beloved Brother,


Peace be unto you. I am always encouraged with sincere thought and questions regarding our salvation. I am grateful to God for you. Rest assured we may never agree on all things. However we must agree that God is the Maker of this day and all things before and the hereafter. Hence to Him we gain favor through Christ His Son who came upon this earth to die for us all.


You are correct that all will not meet the physical death. Thus after the call from the grave the righteous will be taken up. However they too must overcome the sins of the world to the end. Therefore they must stay in the Spirit of righteousness to receive the “Free Gift.”


Yes the last days are upon us. The clock is ticking down and up. Which way will most of the world go? Who will listen? Beloved stay in the Spirit. Keep an open mind for there is much to see and hear during these times. Those that see more of the Light must continue to bear a testimony for the one and only God.



Your Brother in Christ Carl, 12 December 2005 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus





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