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There are no blind men in this camp. For all can see.


In this the Messiah they saw salvation and the end road to a journey less traveled by the multitudes.


In the Savior also is Peace seen.  Even as He was burdened by the Cross. Falsely accused rebuked and scorned staring at death’s door.


This Bright and shining star also embraced prayer standing tall among the multitudes teaching them how to pray to His Father. For God answers prayers and only the wise can see.


There were also beautiful Lilies of the Valley that were able to cast our eyes open as far as the Valley laid across the land. Here we saw peaceful compassion upon the land and inside these beautiful flowers.


They also called Him Emanuel; they were foretold of His coming. He came with mercy for a hard barren land. Many of the people were stricken with fallow minds. But He came with mercy.


Meanwhile John stood up. He also bowed down to thank this Savior for He was the only one. In this he gave thanks for all things in life for the Creator is our great benefactor.


John also told the Brethren about the second coming of this great King. The Prince of Peace. Hence cometh the judgment and Peace and death, all to reign everlasting.


He felt Christ Jesus. Jesus the Christ. Here he found Paradise. And when Paradise is found so is Peace.




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