16    March 2006, Percy Priest Lake, Hurricane Creek, By Carl Patton



This is the parable of the man who

did not forget from whence his

help came.


It was indeed another beautiful day

as John walked upon God’s

green earth.


He heard David say and the heavens

declare the glory of God. So if

rain or sunshine this day was good.


Early that morning as always praying

and mediating on life did he wonder.

He also thought of yesterday’s troubles.


For they worried with his Spirit.

However as he stayed in the Spirit

he found direction.


So numerous were the struggles of

the righteous as a mad world came

to forsake all His thoughts.


But with the Spirit came comfort.

This he knew, this he applied.

A burden left, to cry no more.


John is grateful for the Spirit.

For without it he would be lost.

His prayer is stay in the Spirit.


Thus doubt will be annulled

and Truth will reign and

Paradise seen.




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