November 16, 2006, LaVergne, TN, by Carl A. Patton



The world has so caught up man that many,

although under the word cling to man.


There was not a day that went by that

values, principles and Godís sense did not

become challenged.


I was grateful for another day in this I

always gave thanks. Meanwhile

I saw two men.


One man had great respect for God

He also loved Jesus. This same man

also stayed in prayer and held to the Bible.


As he went from day to day he constantly

heard a wicked message. This message

came from the blind man.


This blind man had eyes. He also

could see. But he only saw man

and the world.


The blind man with eyes had great

respect for those in authority, the

rich and the powerful.


Along the way the man that respected God

encountered many hardships. Many days

came and he was often asked to,


Forget about God. Usually God was his

principles and values. Also his integrity was

attacked. He had great quarrels as a,


Scribe as he called up for review

many things and people that stretched throughout

the landscape. Meanwhile the blind,


Man with eyes said if you would not hold

those important accountable? Are just

Write for the children.


John then entered the picture as

he had always been there. How can

you disrespect God to respect man?




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