1-6-07, Victory Park, by Carl A. Patton


Some concluded with great intellect that individualism

was not good. So collective thought came to



Where were the independent thinkers?

Did they exist? If so where

were the Truth-seekers?


Meanwhile the majority as democracy had

predicted ruled the day. As the masses

stood, few if any stood against.


However could millions be wrong?

But all through the night the

Hell-hounds chased John.


John was swift, fast, agile and filled

with wisdom that was Spirit bound.

He cared not that he was alone as his

stance for principles was heart-felt.


But there were also many foolish

men. They could not see yesterday or

tomorrow. They also saw little of today.


They knew not that acting on

mis-information may come back to

haunt you. As they knew not

they were lost.




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