Percy Priest Lake, December 29, 2006, by Carl A. Patton


Care-free smooth and slick went Tom all across

the village, township and the city. He danced,

partied told lies slept late and drank heavy

from grapes and grain.


He also saw great delight in things opiate.

He came up with coco leaves as they were

made into white powder. He had also came down

with opium and the white horse of heroin.


Meanwhile all things of vice rendered a life

of now as this was the end. And there was

no end to this life of instant gratification.


Women he love and money and material things

he craved. Bet it fore it holler.

Roll the dice and poker was

not just a fun game Life was to him

a time of no end as the party lasted all night long.


He danced and lied as if there were no other

days to come. He thought that when it

ended it was all over so he danced while

he had the chance.


However all during his dance John looked on

with night piercing eyes. He saw Tom at midnight

and at noon.


By example he showed Tom that the end was

the beginning and the beginning was the end.

If he would only hand his heart to the

Spiritual Realm and God.




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