2 March 2006, Stewart’s Creek, By Carl A. Patton


There was once a long trail of

great water that flowed as the

tides rolled and sails that blew.


All who look upon water

dream. Some conscious of the

dreams and some to frivolous thought.


Many to never know a meaning

but some to a higher level

of Truth.


The water yet flowed, on.

Some fell rescued by sea scavengers

who followed the wicked voyage?


Motherhood became wasted.

ravaged souls meanwhile

sided with death?


Freedom also raged in

the loins of the young male as

there was mutiny at sea.


Hail those that landed.

Only to stand at the landing

crying. Meanwhile the water stood,


On one side. And land stood

in between. What trail had the water

brought? Finally from the sea.


Blessed is the peaceful riverbank.

There is magic water along Stewart’s

Creek I saw their dreams. Still the


Water flowed on.

Water peaceful and clean.

Water that had no end.




I still dreamed. For I,

saw dreams of my Father

and my Father’s, Father.



These dreams were broken,

dreams. They came at night

and they came at daylight.

I also saw dreams at midnight.





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