Victory Park, December 27, 2006, by Carl A. Patton


Along came John riding high upon a grand

wagon full of produce and things good

to eat and for survival. The wheels were

polished and the drivers seat was comfortable

with a big cushion.


There were many wagons that often crowded

the roadways. Some were Black and called

hearst wagons. These wagons carried

the dead. Although there were two

destinations all that rode the hearst

were dead.


However one man also had a sport wagon.

It was filled with all of the carnal pleasures of the land.

This wagon was loved as it was perfect for the

Hay ride.


As life passed them by we heard great laughter

as the riders danced, sang wretched songs and

consumed fermented beverages that made them

happy while they poked fun at death.


Meanwhile there was much confusion because

they didnít know that all wagons led to the

hearst wagon. However many rode the death

wagon to the Black wagon.




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