(25 July 2008 by Carl A. Patton)


Cults are on the rise keep Christ first and stay in prayer. Thus allowing the Holy Spirit to discern good from evil.


Peace and we count up mercy

from the Creator. And we look

at two men as this is the way to

compare and see parallels.


Meanwhile they both looked to

Jesus as no one admitted to

being lost. The storms came

and one man the fair weather

man argued over the storms as

part of his house had blown down.


He eventually became quite tired

from his needless acts of rebelling

as he lost sight of all thing that had

at one time consumed some of

his energy.


His rebellion led to a separation

from God. He rebuked Gods

love and mercy as he cared not

to be obedient and found comfort

in dissent.


Glory be to the Father I saw

that other man who laced his

shoes like John. He said he

will not complain as he could be

walking to the Soup Line.


He needed assistance, but he saw

it in faith and patience. God will

fix it not man. He thus used his

energy to praise God by testifying

to the brethren, praying and casting

the Light of Jesus wherever he went.


He preached and wrote about never

stop trusting God. He knew that God

had performed miracles in his life

thus when he got a little weak in the

faith he reflected on those things. He

also realized that God had not brought,


Him this way this far to leave him.

Although he enemies had lost

they thought they had won. The big and

small problems were all taken to the

altar. Those that wallow in confused

complaints cannot see God. If you donít

see God you will faint.




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