2 March 2006, Stewart’s Creek, by Carl A. Patton



John through his constant

companion continued to hear

the Spirits in the Blues.

The Delta knew many foreign,


Names. Nothing but the

Spirit could bring this

emotion. So was the

unique flavor of song.


Meanwhile the wise saw parallels

and constant change.

The transitions of life continue

as this is the will of God.


Where did the world and the

Spiritual realm come to compete?

Did they join a union?


Brethren did the Blues come

first? Can you see the

world before you see



So did the circumstances of

time create a new preacher?

many also led rebellions.

Many were told on.


Later to be given up on

a Black altar. Judas rode

many horses. Most were slain.

They also killed Jesus.


The witnesses came to feel

songs. The record rings true

some sadly sang the





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