(2 April 2008 by Carl A. Patton)


Through these lines of thought I

come thanking God once again

for allowing me to see feel and

touch messages in the night while

I slumber. Messages that will see the



Paper Programs: Paper Moons.

There were many programs but

only one Moon.


From the time of the great sea

voyages to the west there were

certain disadvantaged people.


Some argue in their homeland

they ruled as kings and queens.

But they soon wore the chattel,


Albatross and even after gaining

freedom were economically

deprived. However many laws,


And programs came upon the land.

Affirmative Action, Diversity, equal

access, integration all came into,


Existence. The lowly dollar-less

man, woman, little boys and girls

soon could petition a program.


Petition because the free enterprise,

system was closed and the banks claimed

they left all of their red ink at home.


But as the Step and Fetch-it man

danced and did ham-bone jigs

many people left of center

came to infest and rule these programs.


Meanwhile diversity and fair play was

laid up in folly as the dis-enfranchised

still had not a bucket are boot to throw out

or tattered boot straps to pull up on.


Light as a feather Paper Programs

floated in the air as listless leaves that

bowed to the Fall season. But the

Paper Pushers also came from various

diverse backgrounds and some

wore the color of Black.


They also confused many that

wore the color of White to

deny assistance to some that were

diverse but were not left of center.

These were the Godly people that knew,



These people had no allegiance

to a fraternity, class, group or

race just the Human race. But

left of center went left of senses

as no one here had any principles

except those that left center.


Tokens, puppets and yes men and

women danced Black and White faced

at the Human Service theater as

diversity became controversy as

the Blacks and African-Americans,


And the new natives who thought they

were foreigners did not understand

those that gazed and hollered at the moon.

But the moon was real. It also

was not for sale. Power for the treason

makers was pulled from a dollar,


That now, would not buy a gallon of gas.

Paper Programs would soon burn from at

streak of lightning as the sky, held up the

fire that was real as the paper tigers, and

Paper Programs burned.


Meanwhile there was an alleged

censure of lost wages as diversity

went up in smoke. But many wages

would eventually be paid in time lost

and Peace and Paradise gained.



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