In the name of God, Master of the Universe, Ruler of the earth


Editors Note: Beloved Peace be unto you. We come with a testimony as we shout about it saying that “God will hear & answer a prayer.” Say that again “God Will Hear (pause right there and then say) And Answer A Prayer.” Glory to God. We are grateful once more than once to shout and tell about the Goodness of our Lord. Therefore we come with no other motive but to serve Him as we thrive on our on-going testimony to the brethren.


Peace will never be still in this way of the Spirit as it keeps moving and convicting us daily as we walk in Patience and Faith. Glory to God. There are bountiful treasures and golden streets in Heaven. We also taste Heaven as we make our way Home as there is Joy in the morning, noonday and all day and night long when you Love Jesus. Do you believe that? So beloved don’t worry about material things as our God will provide what we need. This is the Promise and we are grateful indeed.



Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. Many come to wonder and think on the word Kool-Aid. Therefore what Kool-Aid? Is it the sugar sweet beverage that many Black people of various stations in life drink with almost every meal? Is it the drink concocted by religious or contemporary zealots to induce one to take his or her life? What do you believe is the origin of the Kool-Aid that is consumed by those that thirst for many things material?


Meanwhile there is nothing wrong with success based on principles, values and commitment toward the entire human race. For example the Bible reveals the essence of the human race (which means all people) at Genesis 3: 20. Also Jesus teaches about philanthropy at Luke 11: 41.


 But as we look deeper and higher into this question, follow us to a scriptural message at Deuteronomy 32. This Chapter in Deuteronomy is often noted as “The Song of Moses.” This message as it bears witness to the heavens and earth is a supreme call to attention for all (the people) to hear. Furthermore it reveals that God is very disturbed by the mis-deeds of the people especially the worship of other gods. This was the time of Israel, but we look through the telescope to this day and time. What can be gained from this scripture as it is applied to our over-all subject?


Deuteronomy 32: 37-38 “And he shall say, Where are their gods, their rock in whom they trusted,”


“Which did eat the fat of their sacrifices, and drank the wine of their drink offerings? Let them rise up and help you, and be your protection.”

God will call upon the heathen nations that His people followed behind to explain the helpless state of their gods. They trusted and claimed to believe in these gods and leaned on them for help. However there is no God like the God of Israel that we serve. This God can bring things to life and bring things to an end. History supports this fact and thus distinguishes God from all of the heathen gods of man-made material and things that many people lean on today called money.


Money Cannot Make Or Break You


The chains, ropes and the selling of our people by our own people prior to

the great voyage across the sea that became a journey in infamy as the

infamous Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade broke some but gave some the will to live.

This inhumane trade for human flesh will not be forgotten nor taken from “The

Unforgotten Pages in Black History.”


There was no money to be found in any pocket of the torn ragged rags of those

that came aboard the ships of human cargo packed as sardines in the belly

 of noxious ships with a designation in blasphemy with the names of our

Prophets and even our Savior. This was a late start in the Western

 Hemisphere for any future entrepreneurs.


Some say the bondage time lasted as long as Pharaoh kept our Jewish Brethren

enslaved in Egypt. But many similarities thus ended. As these people from

“The Land of the Blacks,” had no money. But from their labor and upon

their backs America was built. However they hardly had a penny

 when they were freed in 1865 or so about.


History notes that the entertainers and the ball players the athletes were the

first and still ride the number one slot as the top money makers in the community

Black. But since contemporary times we have had some that are business people

of various sorts gain much status as wealth places some even Black on a pedestal.

But help for others come in many disguises. Are you supposed to help your brother?


By 2010 we have a super rich, wealthy, billionaire that hails from the Kool-Aid

community. We also have Black people that excel as writers, doctors, cooks,

psychologists and almost every profession that exists. However there are Seven

Puppies that have been chosen by a Black person as the beneficiary of almost instant

status as millionaires. Is Black still beautiful?


John not Toby or Uncle Remus reflected on the jealousy among the slaves on the

plantation. John an astute psychologist and “Niggerlogist” determined that even in 2010

we have some Blacks that still strive on the crabs in the barrel syndrome. But money nor

the love of money will win in the end. The money gods are useless and those that strive

to worship them know not the difference between, Kool-Aid, fine wine and water.


Drink from the righteous well and have ever-lasting life. Drink tainted Kool-Aid and

believe in things make-believe. Glory to God and vow to never bow down to anything

in this life that is not Holy. The Books are forever open and the works and deeds of man

are recorded. Sleep and walk awake with a clean and pure heart as this is pleasing to God.


Peace and Paradise,

Dr. Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 15 June 2010 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

All rights reserved by FreedomJournal Press 2010.