(May 30, 2010)



In the name of God Master, of the Universe, Ruler of the earth


Editors Note: Has man moved outside the will and divine plan of God as he continues a mission to devour the earth and many people in his quest to rob the earth of natural resources? Has God placed All elements in this earth for us to use? Money is used and needed; however, the love of money brings up evil. What stories and tales do the Coal Miner’s tell, especially the families left behind. Reservation land; ground reserved for the Native people who first had a kinship to this land have been ravished as an unwilling whore by the oil, uranium, gas and coal barons. There were days when there were no fences. Culture had a Spirit walk on the land and water. All things that moved and things that looked high and low were loved naturally.


Where has the underground water supply gone? The environment waits for relief as it is destroyed. There have been many natural environmental people but all have been Native to the land. Many ancestors and Spirits still cry, weep and moan over the slaughter of the great Bison’s of the Great Plains. Not so much so for a missing supper but from the sheer useless destruction of life and the enmity that was rendered against God.


Greetings Brethren,


Our beloved brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus we greet you in the manner of our Savior, Peace be unto you. We continue our commitment to lift up God the Father and His Son our Savior Jesus Christ. What is happening in the Gulf of Mexico in and around the shores of the land mass called New Orleans, Louisiana?


The earth shakes the mighty Wind blows; water invades the land that God owns. The floods come and go so did the great flood of days of Old. The trees, brush in the forest and field burn, mud slides from many western hill sides facing the ocean and great Sea. The Heavens cry, man moans, the birds weep and the fish die. Hot is the Sun.


Does man have the right to worry and trouble the great Sea? What does he want underground or under water? At Isaiah 57 we find some powerful scripture that gives us a Biblical message regarding the great Oil Spill in the Gulf. As we relate this message to our concerns we see the Prophet Isaiah revealing that the selfish leaders of that time and for many other days take advantage of the people under them and cause many to perish. But we are taught here also that when a righteous man perishes through the cruelty of the wicked he is not the loser in the end. Why?


How can you die and still win? Do the righteous actually gain and win in death? Isaiah resumes his discussion and notes that the wicked oppressed the less fortunate that were subject to them. Meanwhile did he also imply that they actually had God as their target for their wrongdoing? When you oppress the weak or those perceived to be weak by the lost do you stand in enmity with God?  During the time in which the Prophet wrote the people of God had a great fascination with idols. What is the premier idol that is worshiped today? Money, materialism and the search for resources that will bring great wealth (to some and a certain comfort to others) is often noted as a measure of power and strength.  But to John talking in the Spirit to the brethren it is revealed that the money idol today is the god of the poor who believe themselves rich.


Isaiah 57: 20-21 “But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt.”


“There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked.”

When the Sea in all of its glory, mystery and great power is calm its waters are clear and pure. Many fish reside there given life by God.  The birds also come to drink the water and thrive on nutrients rendered by the divine plan as they make their way to nowhere. Meanwhile when the Sea is stirred up it throws up various kinds of waste matter. A stirred up soul will also puke and bring up what it has consumed.


The Prophet uses the aforementioned figurative language to illustrate what will happen in the life of those wicked as they bear unripe fruit. A wicked life is agitated by the turmoil and strife of the living world. There is a great distinction between the true Church and the world. Meanwhile God does not authorize a wicked man to speak of peace. Fruit of the lips noted at verse 19 of Isaiah 57 refers to peace. Love and compassion for all that liveth is the mainstay of those that seek peace among humankind and the great Sea.


Will the Sea come to rest in peace? Will man ever see the peace in things that forever move by the hand of God? There need not be a storm for the Sea to be not at ease. Easy is the Big way of the Wind and the Spirit but it is measured in responsibility and faith.


Cont. Part 1: God Owns The Oil and All Natural Resources (Revelation 5:13)


Peace and Paradise,

Dr. Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 1 June 2010 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


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