24 March 1995





Miss Annie Mae's yard is down yonder way,

way over that hill by Mr. Will and that

great big hill.


Folks round here say that Miss

Annie Mae has lived so long, she can

tell stories of days long gone.


That big old tree hung more than

vine and some say more than the

possums in the summertime.


But us kids love the summertime

because it's a lot of fun, now we

swing and climb just for the joy

of being a boy.


Oh big tree. With big limbs as large

as most trees, now they hang heavy,

over the house and over toward Miss

Lettie, it's a big tree and mighty heavy.


Miss Annie Mae says the ghosts hang

in the tree at night and it's not

the crickets singing tonight, that

was long ago.


Now it's squirrel's paradise and the kids

delight, big beautiful oak tree with the

tales of strange images blowing in the

wind, has unforgotten memories of

Miss Annie's father's tear stained end.




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