Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. There were many days as I liveth that I wished that I did not have to bring certain questions up for review. However as the pains came so did the sweet sorrow of obedience as the Spirit moved.


No one ran for office, political or otherwise in this camp.  Family, friends and associates that embraced the world also came and went. The silence of space and unspoiled solitude was the way of the scribe.


Some One Will See Now As God Sees All


The road was often lonely but there was

much company in the comfort of the Spirit.

There were also days well spent as much

work was done in the silence of soft talking

trees as bright colored flowers filled the air.


John asks hard questions as he looked all

around. He held no questions in immunity

as he felt no prejudice for race, family or

friends. How just how could man advance if

he shunned certain questions?


He knew not what the inquiry would bring.

There was even a scientific inquiry even for

the Social Scientist. However as he groomed his

skills and reached the Spiritual ranks he saw even



Given a task, call and commission he obeyed

the way of the Wind. He also basked in the Sun

as there was always a time for peace and comfort

as his heart moved on free-will. Meanwhile there

was always a Gate Keeper.


Nothing was invisible to the saints who saw the moving

tree limbs that gently swayed and danced in the transition

of the air. He knew that God was there and He looked

down as he looked up. This was and is good.



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