Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. The parades lasted all month as the first to do this was wasted in rote memory on the minds of young Black souls. Were those who thought about the Black Experience ever moved to see anything different.

What of analytical motivations? Has Social Science phenomenon always bent and leaned on the same methods of inquiry? Did the historian/Spiritual Scientist Black or White exist outside the laboratory of the environment in which they lived?

The Challenge of Looking Beyond

I dare the astute the dedicated to look

to new ways of finding society. The

changing of the seasons bring the change

of reason.


Meanwhile some converged to rest on

mere material things. The true creative

artists thus are for the most part shunned

and banned.


The status quo say, this is the way while

the head and the hand stops to operate

and rests inactive as a hat rack that gets

in the way of knowledge.


I stood thus on yonder hill and looked to

the east to the west, north and south.

I then looked up as this was always north

and the way to Peace and Paradise.


However in the southern zone there is much

work to do. I accept the challenge as to look

beyond is only natural to those that see and

know God.




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