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Brethren there is also hope as God is alive.

Greetings Peace and Paradise,

We know that many that walk and crawl upon the planet earth refute the ultimate Power of Almighty God. Some even think that one does not know God unless he embraces a certain religion.

The Rainbow in the sky is an act of the Creator. I hear and feel the wind that blows. I know that God has all Power. All will know in time, the time that God also controls.


Carl A. Patton, Writing for The FreedomJournal February 25, 2000.


Part 3: The Power of God and Black History

                                              In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

The FreedomJournal is a vessel of Almighty God. Therefore, we thank God for allowing us to do His will. We realize that God has all Power. We bear witness that God rules all that exists as the Creator of all that walk and crawl the planet earth. We declare to the believers and the unbelievers that God is Truth. Therefore the knowledge of God is Truth and Truth is necessary in the search for historical facts. Can Truth also be a key factor in establishing Social Science as an exact science? (Coming soon regardless of those that think they control the money bags,  banks and financial institutions “The Methodology for Obtaining Truth”, the most profound research  ever produced by Psyche Z Publishing. This research is also one of the most important books ever written).

For the record there are many people that doubt the utility of studying and recording history. Anyone with any sense at all should realize that this is not only stupid but absurd. However, where did such foolish thinking come from? For the sake of analysis the FreedomJournal notes the following story:

"Once upon a time some ships came to "The Land of The Blacks." The money lenders, and crown governments of Europe financed these ships. They came to rape the land of its people and exploit the natural resources. Along with the destruction of the land and people they also attempted to destroy a culture.

We heard about and read about this great tragedy which our ancestors and great thinkers passed down. As they carried these people across the great sea many died and many sought to give themselves to the sea rather than continue a voyage of hell on earth.

As we continue, we ask the Power of God to help us continue this story. The shores of the New World, the Western Hemisphere presented a new land and new culture. They changed their names and they destroyed their religions. The record shows that those that captured these people of God sought to invent a new race."

Therefore, the FreedomJournal argues that the attack on history especially Black history is a result of the crimes of Humanity committed against God's people. Meanwhile the exploiters of the flesh and the mind ravishers have taught a cadre of deserters and sycophants in the Black community that there is no utility in learning about your history because it is negative. Therefore negative history causes confusion and places the blame for crimes on people who are apologists for the former slave masters.

Thus if you denounce your history and past you are appreciated and loved by White people. The reality is that you become a fool. It is for sure that one has to have knowledge of the past to deal with the present and the future. For the record all Black people are not good and surely all White people are not bad. Therefore to accept certain racial extremes renders either Black Supremacy are White Supremacy any Supremacy devoid of God (there is only one God and He is Supreme) is vile and of no utility regarding the humane posture God has given to all He created.

Black man, Black woman you have no control over what happened in the past. Also, to be condemned for pursuing knowledge of self and your people is a High Crime against Humanity. Black people, you need the knowledge of the past to deal with the present and the future. Also, there is clear logic in realizing the essence of history. There is an academic term called "Historical Development." As a historian I use this term often because it helps one to conceptualize and understand thoughts. "Historical Development" also has a simple and logical use. To use this frame of reference one simply considers the beginning of a particular historical event and the end. The Civil War lasted from 1860-1865. Therefore, to adequately make an analysis of the Civil War one would have to review various factors throughout the period 1860-1865. Also one would have to consider various factors that contributed to this War that occurred before 1860.

Any review of historical data over time involves the "Historical Development" of a particular phenomenon. Thus, to do away with history is tantamount to bringing life to a stand-still. We also believe that one can see the prophecy of God through a rational understanding of history. Thus we see a fusion of past, present and future events.

What is Black history? All people have a history No one can destroy the culture of another people unless they destroy the people. Black people; have not been destroyed so our culture and history is still evident but under attack. The historic record of the people from "The Land of the Blacks," (also called Africa) extends throughout the world.

Africa as the cradle of world civilizations has seen her people dispersed to the four corners of the earth. Thus the term Diaspora, this means the scattering of Black people due to slavery and colonialism. So the phrase "Blacks in the Diaspora" is used to describe Blacks in America and throughout the world. Therefore, Black and African history takes on the unique cultural influences of the area in which you find Black people. This unique culture seeks to retain its African origins and links to the motherland.

We reveal that as the people of God are scattered throughout the world their culture and history is tampered with. The Spiritual nature of these people is also tampered with and abused. In this tragic scene of events the responsible and independent thinkers in the Black community stepped forward and declared the need to study and know our history. Therefore, preventing the destruction of our history and culture.

Meanwhile, the serious Afro-Centric scholars are persecuted and abused. Their First Amendment rights are often denied. Also a campaign of hate is carried out by racists and those in the Black community that support the destruction of Black civilization. These Judas clones and intellectual sycophants refute reality. Thus, denying the Truth in the following statement: "The absence of knowledge about our history will keep you enslaved."

Praise the Lamb of God. We know that God wishes for man to have Truth, wisdom and knowledge. We also bear witness that faith in God will render you Truth, wisdom and knowledge. Proverbs is the Wisdom Book in the Bible:

Proverbs 13: 16. "Every prudent man dealeth with knowledge but a fool layeth open folly.

Proverbs 4: 7. "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding."

James 1: 5. "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not, and it shall be given.

John 1: 17. "For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ."

Let it be written that the people on the planet earth that know God have something in common. There is no Muslim Truth, there is no Christian Truth, there is no Jewish Truth, nor is Truth only found in "The Book of The Dead.” God is Truth to the believers. This Truth of God will also be revealed to the unbelievers the Last and Final Day that will come to all of the creatures on earth.

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