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Many of these same people seek comfort in the ungodly and for some strange reason believe that they can destroy, suppress and restrain the work of the messengers of God. Therefore we constantly pray for the enemies of God and God’s people. May Almighty God have mercy on a Hell-Bent unrepentant soul, body and Spirit?


Writers Note: The FreedomJournal would like to make several points clear to our readers. When we note the existence of perfidious sycophants, and seditious elements in the Black community, we are identifying some of the greatest problems we face as a people.

We are not complaining about disagreements between our philosophy and those of foolish apostates. Basically these people have no philosophy. The enemies of Black people by their nature disagree with us and denounce Freedom, Justice and Equality for Black people.

Therefore, we will Never Apologize for identifying our enemies and the enemies of Black people.

Sadly one of the greatest tricks of the actors of tyranny has been to deceive Black people into thinking that adversaries are friends.


Carl A. Patton, Writing for the FreedomJournal, February 23, 2000.


Part 2: The Attack on Afro-Centric Scholars

                                                In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

The attack on Afro-Centric scholars is an attack on independent thinking. Independent thinkers are Truth-Seekers. Truth-Seekers pursue the attributes of God that are found in Truth. Those that are Black that pursue Truth are noted as natural Afro-Centric scholars. Thus one cannot be a Truth- Seeker and not be an Afro-Centric thinker.

The FreedomJournal therefore argues that the fusion of Truth, culture and independent thinking are the necessary ingredients for the creation of Afro-Centric philosophy. We also reveal that these elements are more important than so-called formal educational training. The biased, prejudiced and sold-out Black intellectual community and their supporters have often rejected some of our greatest scholars and thinkers.

We lift up Frederick Douglass, Marcus Garvey, J.A. Rogers, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and Malcolm X. The independent thinkers in the Black community are deeply indebted to these great Black men who set many precedents for Afro-Centric philosophy. They are also leading examples for the absence of Euro-Centric brainwashing that occurs in most educational institutions in America and the world.

Carter G. Woodson was an independent thinker who escaped the confusion of mis-education in the American educational system. As one of our greatest thinkers Professor Woodson in his research, "The Mis-Education of the Negro,” gives us a workable framework for making an analysis of the various questions and concerns associated with the intellectual homicide of Black people. Here Woodson asks a very important question:

"Why haven't the friends of truth and the promoters of freedom risen up against the propaganda in the schools and crushed it?"

The FreedomJournal also asks several questions: Who are the great friends of Black people? Who have always been in the midst of Black Causes? Who are the people that have always sought to finance many Black Causes? Why have these people always had a special interest in education? Have any of these people ever financed any Black economic development? The attack on Afro-Centric scholars is given further clarity as we continue to look at selected statements made by Professor Woodson.

"The education of the Negro has always been in the hands of those that enslaved him and their agents or puppets."

In Chapter 4: "Education Under Outside Control," on page 28, Woodson answers the question raised earlier.

"Blacks who are trained under racism in institutions that do not protest are cowards, and in life will continue as slaves in spite of their nominal emancipation."

We are eternally grateful to Professor Woodson for his sharp analysis of the crisis of Black education. Writing early in the last century Professor Woodson has noted the historical development of mis-education of Black people. Professor Woodson also because of his great wisdom has also laid out a framework of analysis of mis-education that extends from his day to the year 2000.

As the cards continue to be stacked against the Afro-Centric independent thinker a stark reality is revealed. Afro-Centric thinkers are historians. Therefore, they have a responsibility to record history. Thus, the greatest attack on Afro-Centric scholars comes from the attempts to Censor and Ban their writings. Again Professor Woodson reveals a very important point.

"The Negro author is doomed to failure. He can neither find a publisher nor a reader; and his story remains untold."

Therefore the few that slip through are not allowed any platform. From all indications very few slip through, because the system is very rigid. More clarity about the rigid system is found in the following statement by Professor Woodson:

"The Negro must be kept in his place. The teaching of history had a political significance after the Civil War. The opponents of freedom and social justice decided to work out a program which would enslave the Negroes mind."

From most accounts this system has been very successful. In America the few Afro-Centric scholars make on-going attempts to educate and inform Black people about the realities of the Black experience. Meanwhile Black Colleges and Universities are filled with programmed Black intellectual puppets that carry on a campaign of intellectual genocide. The predominant White institutions are no exception. At these institutions we find some of the worst so-called Black intellectuals that make a mockery of Afro-Centric philosophy. In many of these institutions you also find various Europeans claiming to be authorities on Black history.

Why is there a great emphasis on keeping Black people dumb, stupid and blind? Why are such elaborate methods and tactics used to continue the enslavement of Black people? Why have Black people allowed their mental enslavement? For the record the Afro-Centric scholar is under attack by his own people. It is for sure that the mental enslavement of Black people has been very successful. Thus we see family members attacking siblings because they stand for Truth and independent thinking.

Tell me Black man, Black woman, how can you be raised in the same household with a brother or sister and turn on them because they don't accept the Euro-Centric world view. Let it be written Black people cannot adopt a Euro-Centric world view. Simply, because they are not Europeans. So when Blacks deny their own culture and heritage, they strip themselves naked. Thus, a man or woman without culture has no place in the natural order of the world. Thus, they latch onto materialism, symbolism and fantasy. A Black man can never be a White man. It is also impossible to become assimilated into a dominant culture, unless measures of genocide are committed.

However, you can become a "Water Boy" for Euro-Centric beliefs. Are your dreams confident reminders of your proud heritage are do you dream the impossible dream?

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