In the name of God Master, of the Universe, Ruler of the earth


Greetings Brethren,



Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere. To those that believe in the Bible as the supreme authority that governs all of humankind. In this we give thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us the straightway.


Beloved as we bring the theory of nonconformity to the table in explanation we first look at Truth. Just what is Truth? Can it be explained, can it be examined? Does one have to note a specific instance of Truth? But what of the source of Truth? This is where many have not gone. They have looked in other places dwelling solely on the specific Truth so desired. Here often not allowing what was found in the search (research) to cross the pen of the conformist.


Meanwhile a recession is noted by many that are called upon to make some sense of the economic and political situation the world faces. However many have never recovered from the depression that started in 1619.  But talking with John he noted, “Truth (which is FreedomJournal in this place) what of the parallels or comparison of the rich who have misappropriated millions of dollars but receive bonus payments of several hundred thousand dollars? These same people also earn from a quarter of a million dollars yearly to several million. Meanwhile many that are poor are accused of misappropriation of services form Social Welfare Programs because of a drug habit or addiction to alcohol. Here the salaries are only handouts in aid of below the poverty level. But the babies at home still cry for food and medical care.”


Well are the poor the Black, Brown, Yellow, White and Red cut in Social Programs to feed and fatten the rich?


"Is the Censorship of Truth based on one's definition of Truth are an alliance with evil, Satan and the wretched aspirations of a Sin-Sick materialistic world?"(The following prose excerpts taken from “The Cry of Humanity, Poetry and Prose: Love Peace and Paradise, How is Truth Defined," Carl A. Patton, p. 147, Psyche Z Publishing).



The Poor Cried & Died In Happiness: The Rich Rejoiced in Temporary Treasures


Those programmed in lost compassion and blind in eyes

that were already undiscerning never saw anything but

money, prestige. Thus the have not’s were the cannon

fodder for this time and as long they hoped to live.


Is there any way to reach a consensus on Truth? Therefore, is Truth universal and known to all of humankind? Where then does Truth come from?



The Spirit soon to come over the scientist who moved

in the realm of Truth then mused deep in thought that

the weak of the earth is not as weak as many seem to

think. Strength comes not by way of diamonds and pearls.


Truth comes from God. However many claim that they don't believe in the power of God. For the record most of these people commit one of the most foolish acts known to humankind, in that they lie to themselves. Meanwhile they denounce Truth and invent another belief that is called un-truth and call it Truth.

Many men of the world that heard John talk like that again

assigned a demented tag to his name. The lunatic was at it

once more as he thought that being poor or destitute was

a virtue. However this never was the case nor in his thoughts.


The Truth of God is generated from the heart and mind. But what is the source of the un-truth of the Foolish? Wait a minute, then can evil and all that is not good be placed in the heart? Do the unrighteous have a heart of evil are does evil only come from a particular mind-set? Can a pure heart then be penetrated by evil? Is the absence of evil from the heart a pure heart?

But there is room to believe that the Po have more time

to pray as they have no money to spend on vacations

and other things that make one believe that they are

personally responsible for the wealth they acquired.


What about the word think or thinking. What does thinking have to do with Truth? To think is to form a thought or idea in the mind. Thinking is also to plan or intend to do something. It is also noted as an opinion or belief. So do the believers in un-truths and those that attempt to Censor Truth just think?

They also often the Po search daily for food and the

basic necessities to live. Surely in such dire circumstances

you will find God and Jesus on their lips in a prayer that

will never cease.


The Social Sciences and the phenomena that reveal the Human experiences throughout the Diaspora can be calculated as surely as the Physical Sciences. However, these facts and conclusions can only be arrived at through Truth.


Truth rested not in just the rejected and the downtrodden.

Truth existed throughout the land however those that

lifted up self and not God saw very little but self and



Humankind will never reckon with the realities of Truth. Thus, the die is set. The Call will come for the Truth-Seekers and those that merely Think and embrace un-truth. The Divine Plan is set. However, we know not the number. But Peace and Paradise to the people of Truth and may God have mercy on those that only waste time thinking without the substance of Truth.

The beggars rejoiced in death as the misery of pan-handling

would come to an end. Desperate is the man who looks

at the hand of a pan as an honest day’s work. Blessed are

those that give from a sincere heart and with no trouble in mind.


How does one really come to know something is so? Do they just believe it is so or do they organize thought to include facts?

The heaven to the rich meanwhile was here on earth. Just how

many more millions could I acquire? What will happen to this

money when I am dead and gone? Should I spend it all in a

fortnight? Should I just give it to the poor?




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