Note On The Black Intellectual (update 5 August 2008)


Greetings Brethren:


The FreedomJournal is very grateful to God for yet another day in our right mind to obey the Spirit. The methods and logic in which the intellectual uses to discern Truth is an integral factor in arriving at sound and often profound conclusions. Also the one with this great gift has great responsibility.


“There was once a man and woman from the land called the “Land of the Blacks.” They did have many children. They also went on a trip and some stayed home. The rape of home and those in the Diaspora did proceed.


They also produced scholars as all humankind did. Some of these were even the first. However many also came with physical strength to catch balls, jump, kick, run and hit balls. Some also came to sing and dance and tell stories called jokes. They also came as players of the stage, screen and moving pictures. These were often well paid.


Some compromised much or little. But those that were in academia sacrificed greatly. Without much money some sold hearts and mind for tenure a pay check and a holiday. But some are left. They reach and capture the positive in the negative as they embrace the storm. They also relish the freedom to embrace and cherish solitude.”


Meanwhile as the great philosophers saw God and Truth. The tales were told of proving and disproving. Thus many intellectuals got lost in the proof game and lost sight of the Creator. Let it be written that there is an exact nature to Social Science in all of its aspects. We call our road to this Truth “The Methodology For Obtaining Truth.”


On a sad note this philosophy although toyed with in days of Old is mired by Censorship and the banning of pure reason and thought. The darkest day for the Black man, woman and the people of African descent and humankind is not the distortion of the Black historical record but the corruption and vile destruction of the history of the Church and the teachings of Jesus Christ as rendered by the Great Prophets and Apostles.


Here at this place you find all questions for the reasons for the economics of racism that will uncover the wicked ways of White Supremacy in the Church and across God’s green earth.


Peace be unto you,

Carl Patton, FreedomJournal 17 March 2006 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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