My Beloved Maku,


Peace be unto you. I am very grateful for your support and your undying interest in the Unity of All African people in Africa the Caribbean, America and throughout the Diaspora. For the record all of our Brethren that move with love of self and their Brethren should be natural Pan-Africanist. Those that are not are lacking in a basic understanding of the struggle.


I trust that you will continue to write and we pray for your patience as you deal with those that are confused and actually assist those that have historically oppressed us. The following is a message I noted to Codepa that alerted me to your Forum.


Peace and Love,

Brother Carl A. Patton, FreedomJournal USA


My Beloved Codepa,


Peace be unto you. I am sincerely grateful for your comments and support. We seldom get positive feedback that is supportive of our research. However we are never dismayed are disgruntled. Thus many heartfelt thanks. Let the record show that our work is Censored the world over by a vast assortment of people while some just follow a callous small wind.


Rest assured that there can be Unity among Blacks in America and throughout the Diaspora. But we must identify the key toward that unification and or reunion. However my beloved sister often advises me that where can there be a reunion when there has been no union.


I believe that for certain that the burning desire for material possessions above all else that exists has cause havoc and grief among (and those with a long history of greed that sent out many ships) the wretched of the earth. Also the lack of a firm Spiritual base that is tolerant of other existing religions that believe in one God. There should also be respect for those that are lost and believe in things that are not monotheistic. Because those of the human and lower animal family are all due respect by the righteous.


Meanwhile the Black family unit is broken. So do our churches and schools only function to mis-educate the weak? But as you continue to read and study you will see Truth and this Truth will bear freedom on its wings.


Keep reading the FreedomJournal and always feel free to make any comments etc. I will also visit the Ghana Web Site.


Peace and Love,

Brother Carl, 5 May 2007 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


On a final note: for the record as a student of the 60ís and all during the height of Black Awareness etc. I thought the greatest crime against Black people and the world was the denial and distortions of the history of African people. However by 1996 as a born again Christian it was revealed to me that the Greatest Crime against Humanity and the Black man and woman boy and girl is the distortion of the True History of the Church. My Beloved Brethren let it be written that this is where we will find the answers to our problems here in America and throughout the Diaspora.