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The Bible is full (fruitful) of stories of Messengers sent by God Preaching, Teaching and Appealing to the people of God to repent. In most cases the multitudes thought the righteous sent by God were crazy and not in their right mind. But they never turned back and continued to Preach, Teach and Appeal at all costs. Do they say these things about the FreedomJournal and this writer?


Let it be written: When the righteous of God become popular the Day of Judgment will be upon us. Therefore my beloved as long as this wicked world stands there will be opposition to the Truth of God. The righteous will never make it to the international airwaves like the TV evangelists. But nonetheless the words of the righteous are still heard and read.




The wicked nature of man is seen in the various Churches that refuse to abide by the Sacred Scriptures. Therefore would Jesus Christ be welcome in most Churches in today's world? We believe not. Hence we see a more devastating picture of godlessness across the face of the earth. We have more people and more things not of God.

What will tomorrow bring? What of today and what have we been forewarned about in the past?


The acts of disobedience have long existed among the ungodly and those who claim to be righteous. What will the denial of repentance bring? Will man conquer the Judgment? Will there be a mass call to saving grace? It is written that all that reject God will perish. Do the multitudes and the ungodly church leaders believe in God?







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Part 7: God Blesses Noah




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