NORTHERN AND SOUTHERN VOICES (11-21-07 by Carl A. Patton)



All through the night and

as I stood at daybreak. Godís

earth spoke through its people.

Who heard these voices?


However some only heard the

southern voice. Those that

leaned on the breast of the

north heard both voices.


Many went the way of the

psychosis but seldom knew

of the alleged mental and

psychological break in reality

as the fiery southern voice

took their mind.


The south land on the road

to this southern region was

a vast land mass that stretched

clear across the great seas

and the deep oceans.


The southern voices filled with

falsehoods penetrated the earth

killing new flowers and tainting

the water that the foolish came to



These southerners then reached for

the summit of every high mountain

top as their bodies were stacked

in grave holding places but always

going south.


Meanwhile the sometimes lonely,

tired and weary northern voices

were bound to the kingdom pole

which is north.


On the way they might give out

but they would never give up.

On this way they knew to take

faith with them.


Meanwhile the road was narrow

but an endless chain of people still

came. There were no big crowds.


The trees hollered the birds had

room to sing and the beasts of the

field had room to roam as freedom

was all around.




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