Part 82: “The Spirit of God Descends On Jesus.” Father have mercy on those that have come under the Word and seek to commit the deadly sin of CREMATION. Father we also pray for your mercy upon the lost and unsaved who go with Pagans to Houses of CREMATION to have the flesh BURNED to ashes and their BONES ground to DUST


Part 83: “Will The Flesh (Cremators) Conquer The Spirit?” Brethren many still come with the Pagan notion of CREMATION. The most evil cases however are seen in the Churches especially those that believe that they alone have the keys and road map to salvation. Who are these people? Who are the tainted individuals that also claim to know God but also insist that BURNING the body at death is an act of righteousness?


Part 84: “The Lord Has Rendered A Righteous Spirit.” Brethren rest assured that God has rendered a righteous Spirit. This righteous Spirit will guide you to Truth. However if you place things, or man before God this will not happen. The Spirit as is God has to be embraced willingly. Therefore the Holy Spirit does not lead and guide those that lean toward Satan. Walking in the Spirit means walking in righteousness. CREMATION is not righteousness. Therefore those that have in their hearts and mind the will to BURN themselves are other people at death walk with Satan and not God.


Part 85: “The Righteous Live To See, Touch, Feel & Hear The Spirit.” Brethren it is written that the Holy Spirit only moves us to Godliness.  It does not guide us to sin and shame. Therefore the Holy Spirit does not move us to BURN the dead at death. If this is so do the CREMATORS (those cremated and those that assisted in the wicked act) have a righteous and good Spirit at death? Simply if the people that cling to the Cult Doctrines of the various Churches of Christ want Peace and Paradise they must strive for a righteous Spirit. Bodies that are Burned by consent are NOT filled with a righteous Spirit. The CREMATED body enters Hell another place of Fire.


Part 86: “Jesus Christ Sets Precedents For The Spirit.” As the prayers go for patience and faith we find strength in recording the Truth of God. This is what brings sunshine to all of our days. We also realize that our Creator is in control of our destiny but we have responsibility. Brethren Jesus Christ is the Supreme role model for Preachers. Jesus also set the precedents for the Spirit of God. What is this Spirit? How can one hope to have a righteous Spirit and be disobedient? None are free from sin however those that BURN the dead are only allowed repentance that assist in the act. Those that are BURNED are beyond repentance. It is written that repentance and the atonement for sin is only noted among the living.


Part 87: “Can We Rejoice In The Spirit Like Jesus?” Beloved the Spirit of Jesus is righteous. Can we also have this Spirit? Will the Saints in the Spirit of Jesus allow their body, soul and Spirit to be CREMATED?




Part 82: The Spirit of God Descends on Jesus


Part 83: Will the Flesh (Cremation) Conquer The Spirit


Part 84: The Lord Has Rendered A Righteous Spirit


Part 85: The Righteous Live To See, Touch, Feel and Hear The Spirit



Part 86: Jesus Christ Sets Precedents For The Spirit


Part 87: Can We Rejoice In The Spirit Like Jesus?


Part 113: The Sword of the Spirit: Truth of God


Part 114: To Stand Firm In The Spirit Reveals Biblical Truth



Part 115: The Spirit & Fellowship


Part 116: The Spirit Is Love


Part 117: The True Spirit of God Will Not Allow Cremation






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