Philosophy is the driving force behind The New Journalism. Therefore a mere writer cannot comprehend, and make the proper analysis of the ongoing disregard for the law of God and man. Thus, White mainstream media usually refuse to make an analysis or make unqualified attempts at depicting the events of the Black experience. Also, for the record many Black writers have accepted a Euro-Centric view of the world and the Black community. Thus, the people are misinformed and confused. Therefore, academic degrees in journalism are secondary to being a thinker. Also one has a responsibility to write Truth and not record the history of man from a prejudiced point of view.


Being a thinker takes on a philosophical attitude. Philosophy does not solely deal with a specific subject matter like biology for instance. The distinguishing factor of philosophy over other fields of study is its broad scope. Philosophy is an attitude and a method that will allow one to investigate and explore any area presented.

During these trying times with the gross absence of independent Publishing houses, newspapers and other forms of media, The New Journalism is in the vanguard. This new vanguard movement will never ignore nor hide or cover-up whatever is relevant to human life events.


However for a better understanding and the greatest degree of Truth, let's define and examine philosophy as the three levels of attitudes. These attitudes are ongoing attempts to examine life critically, to appreciate life and to examine events etc. as a whole.


One must be critical about meanings and beliefs. Prejudice and prejudgment brings on ignorance and slanted conclusions. The philosopher is the Truth seeker, and he must take the high road. The stroke of the unbiased pen is not learned nor taught. Yet this factor of fairness sets him apart from the mere writer of his day.

Secondly the philosopher appreciates life. He is not a pessimist. He is not apathetic. Although as a normal and caring human being he is often disgusted, however, he continues. He understands that criticisms promote sound thinking. The written word enhances life. The Truth-Seeker receives great joy from understanding factors related to the spiritual, historical, political, economic, sociological and psychological impact on the people of the world. Thus, the independent thinker can appreciate the journey of life and the never-ending series of events. Also, it is the greatest Truth seeker that explores the negative and the positive effects of these events. Therefore, the most logical way for the philosopher to explore these events is to look at the whole situation. He cannot be narrow minded. At times he may not agree with a particular organization or group. However this does not mean that he will not read their literature etc.


The philosopher seeks wholeness. Many areas of study deal with a specific fact and dismiss other facts as irrelevant. For example a pure sociologist or political scientist cannot capture the greatest degree of Truth about a systematic attempt to exploit and control poor people.


There are many other schools of thought that must be considered such as history, psychology and economics. No particular science confronts all the facts presented by a situation. Thus, one-sided and elitist scientific inquiry systematically limits inquiry toward other schools of thought and becomes ineffective.


Philosophy on the other hand looks at the large picture and attempts to harmonize and integrate the various components of human events and activity. Therefore, this critical whole view of life poses the question why?

Finally the philosopher must ask the question. He must ask a question, about anything of interest to man. A good question is clear and to the point. Underlying and hidden assumptions hamper a good question. Also one should pose questions that will allow confirmation and validation if possible. Non-productive questions are vague and slanted and have very little meaning.


Update FreedomJournal Press 5 June 2009. As we continue to make the transition that is required of the inspired writers we bow to our on-going conversion. Therefore we have developed a new genre of writing that takes on Poetry and Prose. Thus ProVerse is born. We have also as of this month moved from posting documentation about the historical Censorship of the FreedomJournal Press. Therefore we now refrain from some of the descriptive words used to describe those that challenged our right to Free Speech etc. Meanwhile we continue to listen to the Spirit and hope to continue to hear from God as to where we go. However we do know that we follow a narrow and straight road. But we come in the flesh asking for the prayers of the brethren just as did Paul.


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