(26 March 2009, Stewart’s Creek, Carl A. Patton)


Dearly beloved we pray for a right and good Spirit realizing that our days your days ain’t long. But we come in joy as we never lose the company of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of God. No one that seeks after righteousness is ever lonely.


Beloved we are so grateful today as we

re-confirm our faith. A spider just went

across my paper as my pen went to the right.

Again something of the Great Creation was

felt but nothing ever really leaves the earth.


Meanwhile we shout with joy and praise that

God will never leave us are forsake us. Thus we

pray that we will have the strength to stay with

God. In this way and as we go the way of God,

Jesus will always be with us this is the promise.


For this we are forever grateful and give thanks.

Have mercy Lord on all of our enemies and we

pray that we will continue as always with a heart

of forgiveness as this is where we will receive a