Part 1: The Existing Tangible African Ancestry of Black Americans


As we seek to bring up the question of Unity, we realize that there are many differences among the people whose ancestors come from the "Land of the Blacks.” Ingrained in these differences are various feelings that often defeat and hamper Pan-Africanism and the ultimate economic cooperation between Black Americans and Blacks in Africa. For the record the discussions of problems and differences between Blacks in a global context are not popular discussions.


However the FreedomJournal will bring any question up for review that we believe is necessary for the enlightenment of Black people and all of humanity. There are various disagreements between Black Americans and Blacks in Africa and the Caribbean. Often the sentiments of brotherhood are honest and real. Nevertheless, there are also instances of Blacks from the Caribbean and Africa presenting a superiority attitude toward Black Americans. At this point I would like to preface my statements by noting that I can only speak from a Black American perspective. Therefore I am sure my Brothers and Sisters in Africa and the Caribbean have a perspective that reflects their culture and feelings. However I can only speak from my experiences and the culture in which I have been born.


The previous statement is a basic definition for culture. Your culture is the culture in which you were born. It is not the culture of your ancestors. One can relate to a previous culture. Nevertheless, you can never really live out that culture because it is foreign and superficial no matter how many African names and African clothes you buy and wear. One cannot adopt a Culture based on historical, economic and political circumstances. Therefore Blacks in America cannot invent a Culture based on racism and economic and cultural exploitation.


Some Blacks in America suffer extreme Cultural Nationalism in name and style of dress. Also many of those pseudo Africans are the worst of the worst Uncle Toms. Meanwhile, we often find these Super Blacks at the helm of Black Studies Departments in many Black and White Universities. These same pseudo African Blacks also head many Black causes and organizations. However from our analysis Culture and race are not defined by a name, clothes or a language. An opportunistic Pimp Mentality also does not define culture. Those who take on this unique Pimp Mentality ride the back of racism for self-gain.


These low-life parasites huff and puff up at various Black causes to win the favor of White people. In a quest to gain appointed leadership roles they have a self-serving mentality and are the selfish of the selfish. In reality these pseudo-Black leaders are really our adversaries and are paid to render the covert campaign of racism that indirectly comes from Black Traitors.

Where did the term Black come from in relation to a race or group of people? Also, what propelled the developing philosophy of racism and Black inferiority? W.E.B. DuBois writing in "The World and Africa” contributes a chapter entitled "The Land of Burnt Faces.”


In Chapter 6: The Land of Burnt Faces on page 115, DuBois records these words:

"In Greek legend, Ethiopia, "Land of Burnt Faces," lay either side of the Red Sea in Africa and Asia and was inhabited by Black folk. Eventually the Blacks mixed with yellow Asiatics. After the fourth century B.C. the term Ethiopia was used usually to designate regions in Africa corresponding to what we now know as Nubia or the Egyptian Sudan.”


As we move through this series of essays, we will periodically note the origin of Black as a name for people of African descent. We also realize the argument for the kinship to a country. We cannot deny our (Black Americans) kinship to Africa, it is obvious. Also we cannot deny our kinship to America, it also is obvious. We have also earned this right from the slave labor of our forefathers and mothers. Should Blacks have to earn the right to be citizens?


I can hear voices in the Reparation Movement saying, "We are not citizens' fool.” I also hear them saying "you should stop spreading White racist propaganda."


Meanwhile, the FreedomJournal is un-bought and un-sold. "We also plan to Keep It Real.” We cannot adopt a Culture because of circumstances beyond our control. Meanwhile, we can relate to and acknowledge the Culture of our ancestors. However, to say we are a part of that Culture is incorrect and without logical reasoning. Also, to ascribe to the Culture of your birth is not an admission of an alliance with Imperialism and Racism. Those that have willfully entered the ranks of the Uncle Toms and Lackeys have this exclusive right. Thus this label does not belong to those that believe that they have the right to the unique Black American Experience that transcends the Culture of our ancestors.





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