The will to write as inspired by God will render one to set a course of faith and patience. This poem was inspired by the on-going attempts to censor the work of this writer and the FreedomJournal. However my faith in God allowed me to realize that while man has confusion as to my name, God knows all.




Man Does Not Know My Name

June 30, 1999





I find joy, solace and the,

tranquil sensations of Peace and

Paradise as I record these words.

I know also that as man attempts

to tilt the hand of fate, he will fail.

His victory is a brief moment of the



To quell the writer's desire to dispel

injustice and the right to free expression

only fuels the fire of words etched in stone.

Never can mortal man destroy Truth.

Can he destroy sunshine?


I thank God that prayer has rendered a matter

of immunity to injustice, abuse

and the disregard of man, of my

people as human subjects.


Yea, though I feel no need for

justification but to only

answer the call.


The call that was made by

the Creator in days gone by,

days prophesied to the days of

warning and condemning.


Part I


Hence did he come from the darkest

continent, Kemit to some, and

“The land of the Blacks.”






Wherever the Garden? Did come

the souls of Black folk.


Legends behold, the Egyptian story

was told, to be retold in clouds of

doubt of who the people of Kemit were.


The opposite pole of the multitudes

see no confusion in Ham or those

oppressed in the land of the Blacks.


Hence to some, we realize that

the oppressed are oppressed by Blacks

in a land called Kemit, the land of

burnt faces, bodies laid to rest

with methods still held in mystery.


As the Blacks oppressed the Blacks,

The Exodus saw a people that became

the people that wandered, and become

a mystery as to where they came and to

who they are.


As the old Law of Moses gives way

to the new law and the Messiah.

The way to Peace and Paradise is known

to those who wrote in the books of the Old and the New.


These people who know Alpha have

by Creation been blessed with the

spiritual side.


Always realizing that some higher power,

the Creator of all, has blessed them

and created all they see, feel and know.


Hence, these people as many of the

multitudes are the people of God.

They will come to know the Messiah.


Part II


Long before the stinking, smell of the

bondage ships that came,

God reigned supreme, as no other with

knowledge of the past, present and with

what is to come,

The future of all that exist and don't exist.


The ship, the vessel called Jesus,

did not first bring the Good News and

the revelations of the triumph of the Trinity.


Sadly, as the voyages took place,

the ships became sardine cans of

human cargo.


Where, some fed themselves to the

sharks of the sea,

And some prevailed to bring out the

strongest in the race.


As the Good News is spread to the

West, the men, the women of

Alkebu‑lan are led to the exploitation

and the blasphemy of God.


As the Negro is invented, so are

those that still carry out the sinful

wishes of the followers of Willie Lynch.


Where driven souls are laid alongside

the beast of burden to be broken and



Thus, the mind becomes dominated and confused

with those that oppress, and one's physical

strength carries the economic motive, justified

by bigotry, discrimination and racism.


Part III


Never take what is good and decide that

it exists in isolation.

Money is good until man maintains a love

for it's material gain over all else.


God is good, until man takes the call of

distortion and lies, to use it for his selfish

interest, that calls, for repentance to alter the

passage to eternal damnation. The reality to

the believer is that God is always good.


As help is called from the ranks of

the oppressed many that were called

by the Creator, answered the call.


They, the masters of the land who did

not know the Creator of the land, called

our brethren in to despise ourselves and

maintain a weak relationship with the Creator

of man.


Glory be to God that Willie Lynch could not

break all the preachers of men.

Praise be to God for the preacher man Turner

who was called Nat.


Praises to the Highest power for the spiritual

side of the strong warrior Prosser who

was also called Gabriel.


We give God all the praise and honor for

calling a Field Marshall of his day, when a

man named Vessey, who many also called Denmark

made his mark.


May Peace, Mercy and Blessings from the Creator

always ride with the unsung, the unknown warrior,

the freedom fighter that had no unity, only the traitors

smile and the master’s whip and the rope of doom.

He did know the Creator and rest assured the Creator

called him to service and will stand at his day with

honor and blessings for eternal life.


Thus, all of the teachings in that antiquity

were not false.

The acceptance of fool’s knowledge is

ingrained in the state of your mind.

The logical mind filters out foolishness,

and ignorance.


The stagnant mind, is dependent on dependent

and the illusion of repentance is an illusion

of shrewdness.


Your words can be read but your thoughts

are hidden, the secrets of man, is his

creative mind.


Will you give up this sacred right to creative

thought? Man has come to think in secret,

who can see your thoughts?


If man can see your thoughts he has power.

God created you and your thoughts.

He saw your last thoughts, and your thoughts to come.


Part IV


Moving with the spirit of God down

through the times,

We see ideology, philosophies and direction,

debate and compete.


Are Human Rights, Civil Rights? Does

the Law of God prevail?


Nationalism, whether Cultural or Black is

set in struggle.

Socialism is human and just. The Creator is present

in the Socialist mind that realizes that Truth

comes from the Creator.


The debate of Nationalism the culture or race,

is strengthened with knowledge of the Creator

and the people of God.


I hear the cry from the destined multitudes for

the Black preacher to hear the cry of God.


I shout to Black leaders, the politicians and

appointed delegates to hear the sound

of the wind.


I scream to the Black intellect the custodians

of knowledge, to feel the power of sunshine, the

wet of water, the comfort of fire, the light of

the moon, to see the light of day as it turns to

night, the darkness at noon and the murk and

shadows of mid‑night.


Who knows my name? The maker of the rainbow,

the colors that can't be described.

The train that rides through the storm,

the vehicle to Peace and Paradise.




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