(7 June 2008 by Carl A. Patton)



I thought many things during these times we have said are last, once more than once. The days are ushered to a close for various reasons but all are ungodly.

So will the morals of God be a watchtower for all of humankind? There was no separation this time for those righteous and unrighteous. Brethren was “be fruitful and multiply” just words with no meaning to the depraved and wayward as who is man and who is woman?


Brethren, beloved Peace be unto you.

There was once a time that was the beginning

of the flesh that all things known to man

was created.


The Divine Order of the bonds

between man and woman and

the family still exists. The Godly

know right from wrong.


Man creating iron and steel

became what some said tough

and strong. The intellectuals

buried Truth in the sand.


The morning came and the sand

was seen to go gently and straight-

way blowing, sliding, fading away.

However shallow thinkers still found,


Prominence in the sand while its

foundation shook in the rain-

storm as the thunder roared and

fire again more than once came,


And lit up the great sky day and

night. Man still looking at the sand

searching, as his foundation floated,

catching hold of nothing. Meanwhile,


In a wind-less space ego’s frowned

on things creative as those with

shrewd desire sought to create

nothing and have the foolish believe,


They broke bread with genius.

The bandit with no mask cried

at the Revelation. The Romans looked

down. Meanwhile his recruitment in vice,


Gained more and more converts as all

the Books before Revelation

knew what he would do. Why

challenge the Divine Order,


Of the species? Can are will

the righteous allow the unrighteous

to turn back the hands of time?

Fire scorched the earth. The next,


Fire burned in Hell. What if there

were two left feet? The man could not

walk backwards. The wind always blew

up, down, left and right.


Water could not turn and flow up-stream.

Did the fish always go with the water?

The rain will never come up from the ground.

Mud never fell from the sky.


The beautiful union of bonding

as one came from the mountain

top sin and shame burned throughout

the Plains. The earth and its people,


That were left crumbled to pieces.

World civilization and life came

to an end. Only the unrighteous

rejoiced in folly as they mocked the Law.




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