(28 June 2010)



Editors Note: Our beloved Brethren just what is the most tragic crime among the Church people today? The righteous resigned in a sad composure as they measured the evil deeds and ways of the lost that claimed to be found. Most men knew of the great respect and esteemed posture of money and material wealth in today’s world.

Meanwhile the shrewd and the not so slick (as the slicker the thief the quicker he will be caught) relished and embraced the world. He also knew that the people in the Church Houses came from the world. He also knew that most never left the world and carried it with them into the Houses of God. Being irresponsible and with other motivates he let the world in as he also thrived on the world and materialism. Nothing came into the House unless he sanctioned it. Who then will be held most accountable the Church leaders are the greedy pew members?

Who could really know about Heaven infested with the World?  A lack of knowledge of the true Heaven would not permit one to know what it cost to get there. We report that Heaven is free. But the lost pew member filled with the world thought as he was advised by man and not God that Heaven came with a price in money. Is there an enormous difference in the money exchanged by those that live for man and not God?

Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. I was witnessing to a righteous person and as we both reached out for the Spirit it was revealed that there is a great prominence regarding money as we liveth. This great infection spills over from the world into the Church. Meanwhile as this Spiritual partner reflected on Tithing and the denial of Christ it was proposed: “Is Money Greater Than the Word?”


Why or how could money be greater or more important than the Word? Do some people believe more in the value of money and in obtaining more money than they do regarding their thirst for the Truth of God? Are these people in the church as those lost never (seldom?) refer to God. Do they (the lost? in the Church) read and study the Bible?


 We (FreedomJournal) heard one preacher who preached and taught that Jesus came to remove the Levitical Priesthood and the atoning for sins daily and the Tithe. He knew, however, he still asked for a Tithe among the brethren soon after the sermon.


One man a preacher during Sunday School leaned on the politicians as he tactfully noted that Tithing is not Bible as means to appease a new member who knew as he knew. Meanwhile a female preacher who taught Sunday School was offended. She did not know (she also should not have been teaching) so in her heart she believed that we are commanded to Tithe by God. But the preacher knew better as he was a Bible reader.


So as we look at the positions of the two men that profess to be called by God to preach we propose the following:


Do those, especially preachers that teach and preach the Tithe is commanded by God believe in God? Secondly do they believe in the Bible? Also do they believe in the erroneous assertion that one is “Once Saved Always Saved?”


The first preacher does not believe in the once saved always saved doctrine. So does he believe in the Bible and God? The Second preacher we believe thinks that one is “Once Saved Always Saved.” But does he believe in God and the Bible?


Meanwhile there is a fourth category: “Is Money Greater Than The Word?”


The following is an excerpt from what we believe to be our most extensive lifelong work"   The Parable of Going To Heaven and the 50- Cent Picture Show.” This is the introduction:



As to Him there was/is no beginning as He was the before there was a before.


However as the flesh looks from

beginning to end. There stood

many people outside church

houses and at the place of

the Great Judgment.


They all wanted to get to Heaven

however many came not with faith but

with bloody hands tainted by the green

stain of stale and rude money known as

100-dollar bills.


During these times and places came man,

woman and child saying they had paid their

way. God will make a way out of no way but

the way is not littered with gold, diamonds

and pearls.


Nor are the people along the righteous road

riding Cadillac cars Rolls Royce’s and helicopters

on this faith way. John looked on in faith. He

looked toward his responsibility to receive

the free-gift of salvation.


Meanwhile the goat herders paid a dime for a cup of

coffee. He was also only left 40 cent as he had only

50 cent to start with. Although he couldn’t pay his way

to the picture show he thought he could pay his way

to Heaven. Here the cost was not measured in money.

Peace and Paradise,

Dr. Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 4 July 2010 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

All rights reserved by FreedomJournal Press 2010.