(What Does The Bible Teach About Pastors?)

Part 1:Introduction

Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. There are a lot of questions raised concerning the role of Pastors then, now and later. Many are weak in the Word. However some had/have a heart for God and some loved/love man.

Peace and Love, Carl Patton a willing slave of Almighty God writing for the FreedomJournal 31 March 2006 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.


Brethren if we stopped paying Preachers high salaries how many would say they have been called? Are most Preachers today (2006-2009) false prophets? Let it be written that if concerned Christians start charging the multitude of Preachers who steal from the Church with ďGrand TheftĒ we would be able to stop many of the crimes committed by Church leaders.

Why is there so much scripture on forewarning us of false prophets? Why are so many false prophets accepted by so many church congregations? Is this because most people donít want the true Word of God?

If so many people including the false prophets donít want the true Word do any of the people believe in God? Do these people believe that they can tailor their beliefs like a new suit of clothes with God? Who will save those that refute the Bible and lie on God?

Our hearts burn as we have seen countless churches and Preachers rebuke the Truth and lie on God. What is sad is that no one is accepted among these people except those that distort and corrupt the Bible.

Therefore there is a no acceptance policy are a lukewarm acceptance for those that keep God first. So the Church/Christianity is in a crisis. As an aside we could have titled this series ďChristianity in Crisis,Ē because where can you find a Godly Preacher are a Godly Church building? Building here meaning those that come to worship.

Are most Preachers sent by Satan to satisfy his lust to detract Godís people? Can you determine anything of merit regarding Christian principles by using an economic evaluation equation in the Church?

So who are these people? What motivates them? What does God say?




What Does The Bible Teach About Pastors?


Part 2: Who Is The Preacher?


Part 3: Are Prophets Preachers?


Part 4: Were The Priest Old Testament Preachers?


Part 5: Why Would Paul Refuse Compensation As a Preacher?


Part 6: Paul Was Duty Bound To Preach


Paul 7: Paulís Commission & Dispensation


Part 8: Is There A Blessing to Preach Without Pay?


Part 9: A Tenth To The Levities (Deuteronomy 18:3-5)


Part 10: Levities The First Ministers


Part 11: The Tithe Was To Eaten (Deuteronomy 18: 8)


Part 12: Micah Warns The Prophets



Part 13: What Is The Responsibility of The People To Truth?


Part 14: Do Preachers Still Attempt To Re-Write The Bible?


Part 15: Is Money The Greatest Reward For The Preacher?


Part 16: God Does Not Know Those That Violate TheLaw


Part 17: Will The Priests Follow God?


Part 36: Who Is Qualified To Be An Elder?



Part 37: Elders Must Be Good Stewards


Part 38: Elders Know Love (Titus 1: 8-9)


Part 39: Who Will Inspire The Elders Today?


Part 40: Pagan Rome (Revelation 13: 11; 1-18)


Part 41: Is the History of the Church Important?


Part 42: Has Satan Blinded Many Toward The Truth of The Church?



Part 43: The Dragon Controls The Beast


Part 44: Moses Warns The Israelites & The People of The Earth


Part 45: Is the Reformation Yet To Come?


Part 46: What Should Preachers Know About Jeremiah 23?


Part 47: Related Scripture To Jeremiah 23:1


Part 48: Parallels, of The Prophet Micah and Jeremiah (Micah 2: 11)



Part 49: Pastors Without Knowledge: Brutish and Stupid


Part 50: Grand Theft and the Pastorís (Jeremiah 23: 2; Ezekiel 34: 8)


Part 51: False Prophets Warned Yesterday &Today


Part 52: Will The Preachers Today Cause A Curse to Come Upon the Land?


Part 53: It is Profane to Bring False Teaching Into Godsí House (Jeremiah 23: 11)


Part 90: Liars In The Church Should Be Rebuked (Titus 1: 12-13)


Part 91: Unscriptural Teaching Will Turn You From The Truth (Titus 1: 14-15)


Part 92: Blasphemy of ThoseThat Practice Aspects of The Old Ceremonial Laws


Part 93: Many False Prophets Claim They Are Sent By Christ


Part 94: The Second Coming of Christ: What Does It Mean?


Part 95: Paul Through God & Christ Teaches About False Apostles


Part 96: Paul Receives Financial Support But Not a Tithe


Part 97: Why Was It Necessary For Paul To Preach Without Pay?


Part 98: Those That donít Speak For God Speak For Satan


Part 99: You Cannot Speak For Satan & Work For God


Part 100: Godís Preachers Preach/Teach Christ Jesus The New Covenant Not the Old


Part 101: The Heart & Free-Will Distinguished the New From The Old That Was Written On Tables of Stone


Part 102: The Old Covenant Sin & Death The New Forgiveness of Sin & Life Everlasting


Part 103: Broken Stones To A Spirit Filled Heart


Part 104: Old to Death To Life Everlasting


Part 105: The Law of Moses Ended the Law of the SpiritTook its Place


Part 106: Does Satan Blind Those Who Do Not See That The Old Covenant Was Temporary


Part 107: Will The Heart of Israel & The Unsaved Turn To Christ?




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