(11 June 2008 by Carl A. Patton)


Again I reflected on a great thinker who had a mind. Einstein reflecting on his friend and colleague, and confidant Frederich Alder and his mood to conform. Thus one of our greatest thinkers noted:

First it is Adler who had great respect for Einstein’s “most independent” mind. As a physicist they agreed on most things. But what he saw most striking was the non-conformist streak in Einstein that reflected an inner security but not of arrogance.


Meanwhile Einstein who went deep in the mind wished for Alder to focus more on science and not politics? For the record at one time Einstein leaned to the Left and also thought he found genius in political, historical and economic questions laced with Socialism.  But back to Alder and his loyalty to a party of political persuasion. This to Einstein meant surrendering some independence of thought. This confrontation and acceptance of conformity confounded and almost confused Einstein. Why?


I would imagine, I would think

those serious responsible thinkers

looked not at the causal but

were/are quite formal in the

pursuit of knowledge.


However they are constantly confronted

with the trivial species who have

taken the microwave to a new level

and believe that they also can come

to information and knowledge by

some artificial means.


“There was once a lost and ignorant man who posed a question to one of the thinkers we have here described. However when the thinkers sought to answer the question with a discourse of prerequisite information as he knew that the dumb and ignorant man knew very little about what he inquired about he was told the following. ‘I didn’t ask you all that, just answer the question’. Many inquiries regarding the Bible these lost souls often say just give me one scripture that says I am not supposed to do that. But in the secular realm of information and knowledge they extract an even more tragic response to truth. They don’t know that they really don’t know however they want a microwave answer and it does not exist. Nor would they accept anything as their comprehension is challenged and they resent any efforts toward concentration.”


Meanwhile those gifted to think

in the realm of the Spiritual Scientist

knowing God is the center of Truth

even give credit and note the contributions

of some great thinkers that did not

know that they knew God.


Follow us deeper as we explore

things that only a few righteous

are now able to see. Did God

want man dependent on other men

for life, information and knowledge?


Man can render knowledge as we

write and speak. But God is the

inspiration for all things good. Thus

are all things good that explore

things seldom seen heard are

talked about?


Before black-listing, banning,

censoring and trashing a message

should one check the credentials

of the writer? How can the righteous

be checked? How do we know the

good from the bad?


Meanwhile the mind casting its

lots that were willed by God

toward independence resisted

any and all efforts to have him

restricted because of an existing

covenant are rule.


God’s rules become all that the

righteous who really delve into

the mind are exclusively bound

by. Thus this wayward non-conforming

mind then has the freedom to exist

and think freely.


His work could not be done in

a box nor with placing his intellect

on hold for a season are for mere

pennies as God holds all the gold.


Never would the comics the court

jesters the story-tellers the people

that just went with the flow know

of certain things without the elusive

independent mind.


No one seemed to listen as the

silent truth went forth upon

the land. However more listened

than those that cried.


However the Creator who called

down this mind heard everything.

He listened as He had already heard

the news but many people threw

rocks of paper and thought Good

News was sad and bad news.




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