Why Is Masturbation Wrong?


I was reading this book by a pastor, and he was talking about young adults and relationships, sexual immorality etc. When it came to masturbation, he said it was wrong but he couldn't really say why. I started doing some research on masturbation on the net but I kept coming up with the same thing...it's wrong, but no specific reason why, or most Christian websites just don't mention it at all. I guess it's hard to give a reason because the bible doesn't say anything about it directly. I guess I want a deeper explanation of why it's wrong. Is it sex? Is it a selfish act? An impure act? Does it grieve the Holy Spirit? Is it okay when you're single but wrong when you're married or right in marriage, wrong when you're single? Answers please...



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Peace be unto you. We thank God for another day and for the inspiration to search out his sacred Word. We also come lifting up our Savior Christ Jesus in praise and giving due honor and reverence to the Holy Spirit.


The Bible holds the keys to our salvation and the Truth and knowledge that we need along the path to Peace and Paradise.


Peace and Love, Carl A. Patton a willing slave of Almighty God writing for the FreedomJournal December 19, 2006 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


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Brethren it is always important to search the scriptures for answers to questions that confront the believers along our journey. However as you have noted this question takes some time and energy as the word itself is not noted in scripture and there is the great challenge. For example in our experiences with similar questions and concerns like should Christians dispose of the body by Cremation we have seen similar challenges. The word Cremation is not found in scripture.  Therefore we then look for related terms, words etc.  that can be applied to our major question and concern. Thus we find that the Bible renders much about graves, burials, fire, ashes, and body, soul and Spirit. The Spirit is of special interest in that the Cremators argue that God is only concerned about the Spirit therefore one can do anything with the body. We need not go into a lengthy discussion as you can find the on-going series on Cremation on this Board. However we note in scripture that the Spirit is not a Right and Good Spirit when one decides to Cremate and Burn the body as a way to dispose it at death. Therefore we look for what the Bible renders and not man.


For another example that is more related to our present discussion we note the series on “Pastors Appreciation/Anniversaries.” Once again the word or phrase “Pastors Appreciation or Pastors Anniversaries” is not noted in scripture.  However with this subject there is not an abundance of related terms that we found in researching the question on Cremation. However what is most important in this discussion is the use of the term Celebration and who we should be Praising. There is where we found the answers to our question.


In the case of masturbation we must look at what the Bible says about fornication, adultery, and then pursue what the Bible renders concerning sex, sexuality, and sexual sin. However as a preface to all of this we must first define masturbation. Then pursue the scripture references that relate to our central question. Within this framework we can then find the answers to the questions regarding is masturbation wrong. What are the stipulations on marriage and masturbation? Is masturbation related to fornication outside of marriage? Is masturbation noted differently within the marriage confines?




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