(28 March 2008 by Carl A. Patton)



Pagan is the way of

many marked, painted

and pierced bodies.

Are all of the world?


Where are the teachers

as the high priest

looks down and frowns.


Is it a lost cause for

those that claim a

calling to teach and,


Guide the flock to

righteousness? Right living

thus took a back seat,


To building large houses

calling them places of



The youth, young and

old paraded throughout

the land tainted and painted.


Could you see black ink

on Black skin? What did

those inscriptions say?


They came Black, White

Brown and Yellow placing

indelible figures upon the



The lost called them

tattoos. But what

did the saved say?


Meanwhile the women playing

the harlot came with

them high and low.


Satan meanwhile rode this

dyed horse with a

sword of blood,


Casting Hip Hop and
pagan ways all over

the land.




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