Greetings Brethren,


We pray for Peace and love between brothers and enemies. The Truth awaits the righteous as they jump ditches and traps laid by Satan and his messengers. With no resources that man holds dear we survive.  However, we lift up God. Hence the Brethren stay in prayer and keep the Book of Life close to heart and mind. Here lies the Greatest Power that exists. Thank you Jesus.


Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal September 23, 2002 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.







In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.


 Almighty God is the Creator of all life and all that exist. The scriptures reveal the place where all humans reside until the Day of Judgment. Therefore, man cannot prolong life by freezing his/her body. Nor is man to tamper with the Creation by attempting to scientifically produce human life.


As we explore the methodology for obtaining Truth, we will continue to reveal that God is in control of the earth the universe and all of His people. It is for certain that only through God can man truly understand the circumstances of life, death and things in between.


Meanwhile as we pursue the components of human reasoning and the methods of inquiring about life, we see a separation and division of ideas and facts. Clearly the relations of ideas and matters of fact have a great impact on determining a methodology for obtaining Truth. Again we look to David Hume and his "Enquiry Toward Human Understanding."


Hume argues that the sciences of Geometry, Algebra and Arithmetic are examples of relations of ideas. Also, every affirmation perceived by intuition and those demonstrative to be really true or certain. For example three times three is equal to the half of eighteen. 'Therefore there is a relation between these figures.


Thus, the relations of ides are discoverable. Hence the operation of thought allows one to discover that three times five is equal to the half of thirty. However these propositions are derived without any dependence on what is anywhere existent in the universe.


Meanwhile, we see a division and great difference between relations of ideas and matters of fact. Matters of fact as means of human reasoning and as a component of the methodology for obtaining Truth are based on cause and effect.


Pardon us for the delay of the discussion between FreedomJournal and Truth. However Truth is somewhat bewildered by the recent disclosure that he has been sleeping with the enemy of God and God's people. Have the wicked acts of Satan and crazed Censors conspired in a matrimonial conspiracy? Satan is a good actor.  Thus, he is accustomed to playing the role of a Christian. However, Hell is a fury and raging fire.


Truth: “I beg of you, I know that you have been hit hard with the evidence of another double cross. But was this really a triple cross? Would someone actually claim to be a child of God await and anticipate the demise of a spouse to collect a clandestine insurance policy?


FreedomJournal: "I see many instance of cause and effect in this set of circumstances, however I respectfully return to the subject up for review. Therefore can we based on the relations of cause and effect exceed the evidence of our memory and senses?


Truth: "Before you proceed and respond to your question may I pose the following question? Hume noted in editions of the Enquiry Toward Human Understanding prior to 1754 that basically Geometry was not an exact science. Then is all of mathematics, algebra, etc. void of true exactness?


FreedomJournal: “You have raised a very important question and concern for our inquiry. This will be an extended manuscript as we follow the Spirit and Truth. Therefore we hope to disclose just how exact mathematics is. Also our parallel discussion of mathematics will also lead us to the exact nature of Social Science and how its certainty is derived from the Spiritual realm.


Meanwhile, what is cause and effect? How important is the connection between the present fact and that which is inferred from it? For example fire is the cause and heat and light are the effects. In the realm of Social Science is greed the cause and economic exploitation the effect? How then can the lust for money and materialism be related to the Spiritual realm? Is anything under the Sun absent of the Spiritual impact?


Truth will you ever answer any of the many questions you constantly hurl at us? Is there a need for answers? We will be patient as you have noted that many answers will come in the by and by. However, we ask the following: How does experience and observations relate to the existence of matters of fact?


Cont. Part 10: Cause & Effect: The Impact of Experience & Observation On Matters of Fact



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