In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe Ruler of the earth.


The origin and reality of ideas play a great part in the process toward establishing a methodology for obtaining Truth. Facts also have a prominent place in this process. However before we render the definitive qualities of facts there is much more to be said about ideas.


We will now inquire of Truth who is rested from an evening where he had many mental images called ideas.

"Truth tell us how can we better understand the origin and nature of ideas toward rendering Truth?"


"FreedomJournal it is true that I have various ideas and thoughts constantly as I am a thinker. I trust that you also have many thoughts and ideas. However to clearly understand this concept we must understand is origin. All thoughts and idea are arrived at by perception or understanding.


All perceptions are not the same. The embrace from a person you love renders a different perception than an enemy striking you with a blow to the head. Hence there is a great difference between pain and pleasure. Thus pain or pleasure is perceived to the mind. Later this perception is placed or fixed as an idea or thought. This sensation is then registered to one's memory or it is anticipated by his imagination.


Although we agree with Hume in part, we disagree with the following. Hume divides the perceptions of the mind into two classes or species. These are distinguished by their different degrees of force and vivacity. The less forcible and lively are commonly denominated thoughts and ideas.


The second are impressions. By the term impressions Hume means all our most lively perceptions, when we hear, or see, or feel, of love, or hate, or desire, or will."


"But FreedomJournal what do you believe? How can we best categorize the perception of ideas toward a better way to understand the human being and obtain Truth?"


"Truth we believe that first ideas are formed by the perception of the mind received through the five basic senses. Thus to see, hear, smell, feel and talk. The mind is further viewed as a data base. Thus, the mind has preconceived thoughts. It also has formed ideas. It is also motivated by feelings of hot and cold. Finally experiences previously held effects the forming of ideas.


What is already in the mind influences the new? However, the mind should remain open to learn. Thus new things are loved and new things are hated.


Truth allow me to ask you this. Do you agree with Hume in his argument toward the association of ideas?"


"We feel that Hume is quite explicit in noting that there are three principles of connection among ideas. These principles are resemblance, contiguity in time and place and cause or effect. Hume uses a picture to illustrate the association of resemblance to ideas. Thus, a picture will most likely lead one's thoughts to the original.


Contiguity is seen in the notation of our apartment in a building or apartments. Inquiry concerning the other apartments logically follows. A word or affliction causes us to reflect on ensuing pain thus rendering cause and effect."


"By your leave Truth and for sake of clarity and conclusion. Ideas and perceptions are often pre- conceived and based on (a) or governed by previous experiences and beliefs. These ideas are received (registered in the mind) by the basic five senses.


Furthermore these ideas carry a basic means of association and connection. Thus through resemblance, contiguity and cause and effect. Therefore as we continue this discourse on Human Reasoning and Human Understanding we note the prominence of ideas and thoughts and matters of fact and Truth.


Cont. Part 9: The Division of Ideas, Thoughts, Facts & Truth



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