Greetings Brethren,


The record shows that many have come with messages of Truth. However a sin sick and corrupted world has made an on-going attempt to destroy, censor and impede Truth. Meanwhile, the Book of Books has forewarned us of this cowardly and Satanic curse of malice, hate and material obsession.

One day all of the lies will come to an end. Then Truth although not unseen and unheard will reign Supreme.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal September 3, 2002 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.







In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.


We are forever grateful for the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us toward our task. The medical community has made a move to a great degree to realize the power of God in the healing process. However, we hope to bring more clarity to this understanding.


One can understand the spiritual and scientific nature of healing on a higher level by following certain principles. There is the Spiritual Scientist. The Spiritual Scientist uses the methods of inquiry that evolve from the Spiritual/Scientific realm. Therefore, a new methodology is being developed to better obtain Truth. This method by the will of God will be as exact as the science of mathematics.


This exact science and methodology will note distinctions in the Spiritual realm. We do not claim to now be able to explain all things Spiritual. However, the Social Sciences although compelled by Spirituality do not render the miraculous or the supernatural. Hence we should be able to ascertain exact conclusions in a universal fashion.


Meanwhile Truth and FreedomJournal have been laying the table for these great revelations by defining certain terms. These terms are important in the over-all methodology for obtaining Truth.


 (FreedomJournal) “Now Truth the speaker can you further enlighten the Brethren on the use of dialectics?”


(Truth) "Again the days among the living and the dead are good. Dialectics are further seen as a method of logic based on the resolution of contradictory opposites. These three contradictory principles are placed in a sequential fashion. Thesis comes first. However how is thesis as it relates to dialectics and our over-all question best explained?"


(FreedomJournal) "Truth I beg to speak so that I may hear and the birds may sing. Has anyone heard the cry of battered and banned writers? Does anyone care? While during my academic experiences, I had the fortune and misfortune to write a Thesis and a Dissertation. While the Thesis is a preposition or statement to be proved or maintained against objectives the Dissertation takes on other qualities."


(Truth) "Pardon the intrusion FreedomJournal but what qualities do you speak of? Also I die to ask you, are you bitter? Do you ache for comfort and relief? What is your response to the reproach of your research?"


(FreedomJournal) "Truth the Dissertation embodies results of original research. It especially substantiates a specific view. Meanwhile the Thesis is a proposition to be proved or one advanced without proof. We have experienced the trials of writing these academic papers. However the denial of academic freedoms and a rebuke to the dialectic process was a source of inspiration for the Henchmen called professors. But tell me Truth why the thesis is the first and least adequate stage in the dialectic process?”


(Truth) ”I or we will not respond with another question which may serve too only linger Truth at the cross-roads. However Thesis is a necessary, preliminary assumption, whether to be proved or taken for granted. It is also seen in the postulate. The postulate is to assume or claim to be true. This term is also noted as a hypothesis advanced as an essential presupposition. This essential quality is seen as a premise of a train of reasoning.  We can now move to the second stage of the dialectical process?"


(FreedomJournal) "Yes, we can Truth because we believe that this exchange once again gives you an opportunity to vent your frustrations. For the record frustration in this instance means to air a grievance. Also this grievance is not self-serving as many people have also encountered problems with academic tyrants.


Anti-thesis is the next principle we see on the dialectical scale. Anti-thesis is seen as the direct opposite. Academic freedom is the direct opposite of academic harassment and academic Censorship. Furthermore anti-thesis is the rhetorical contrast of ideas by means of parallel arrangements of words, clauses, or sentences. For example, as in "action, not words. Or they promised academic credentials and a harmonious learning environment but provided oppression and abuse and the denial of academic credentials for non-academic reasons.


Take charge Truth I am not lost for words but I have bitterness in my mouth. We thank God for taking charge of our head because malice and hate are the ways of Satan and not the Godly.


Forever we will be able to hear your FreedomJournal in peace and love. Well now to sum up the process. Synthesis is the dialectic combination of thesis and anti thesis into a higher stage of Truth. Thus, synthesis is a combination of elements or parts into a whole."


Do academic Freedoms exist in Black colleges and universities? Is there a distinction between academic Freedom in predominantly White colleges and Black schools?


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