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We come not to boast or lift up ourselves or anyone in the flesh. As Almighty God is our witness and Judge we come to Lift Up God and bear witness to His Divine Truth. There is much that is true that is not known. What of the existence of things not known? Is the ignorance of humankind about Truths a natural/normal or an abnormal occurrence? Are things coming to past these days of the last times not previously seen or heard? Did they previously exist? What is a Methodology for Obtaining Truth? What is Truth? Is Truth for us the same as Truth for you?

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal August 21, 2002 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.





Part 4: Is There A Methodology For Obtaining Truth?


In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.


It is for sure that during the last days of humankind upon the earth falsehoods will be held accountable. As falsehoods and mis-conceptions fall to gifts of grace and salvation Truth will be made available to the multitudes. However Truth has always been with us, but many have not embraced Truth




The ancient philosophers conveyed most of their instructions in the form of dialogue. David

Hume argues: "There are some subjects, however, to which dialogue writing is peculiarly adapted, and where it is still preferable to the direct and simple method of composition."


The preceding quote was taken from "Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion." Hume by way of introducing his discussion made additional statements regarding the utility of using dialogue.

"Any question of philosophy, which is so obscure and uncertain that human reason can reach no fixed determination with regard to it supports dialogue." Hume believed that the subject of natural religion and the being and existence of God is such a question.


Our question also takes in the being of God as the center of Truth. Thus, God is the center-piece of the established exactness (Science) regarding the Social Sciences and thing's Spiritual.


FreedomJournal is often noted as we. Thus we will talk with Truth who may also be a union. The question before us is, "Is there a methodology for obtaining Truth?" As we look back into history we see that many of the great philosophers flirted with this notion but have mostly fallen short of explicit statements or declarations of this possibility.


Truth as the speaker renders that the time has come.

"There is a method for obtaining Truth. However, we must gather all of the facts. We also have to re-order our thinking and redefine some terms. But we must remember that God is the Center of this exact rendering of Social Science inquiry."


As FreedomJournal ponders there is the inquiry.

"Well Truth do we have to re-define metaphysics? Also is there a need to add another component to metaphysics which purports to the philosophical study of the real nature of the universe. For example the composition of metaphysics includes epistemology, ontology, and cosmology. Therefore does the theory of knowledge as noted in epistemology evolve to include the Spiritual realm? Does the study of the nature of reality as espoused by ontology also evolve to include things' Spiritual? Also, for sure cosmology the theory of the origin of the universe and its laws must take on the essence of Divine origin."


"Truth (In God) you have laid a basic foundation for our departure.  However, we must note further terms for our discussion. How will we explain deduction, induction and dialectics? Our dialogue also must include a new, clear and relevant understanding of antithesis, thesis and synthesis."


"Yes FreedomJournal we hear you and feel you. The most important distinction here is

the division of fact and things that are not fact or true. What is the relationship of ideas and facts toward inquiry? Also does scientific inquiry need to be redefined?"


"Truth you are correct in the need to expound on certain terms that involve the development of human and scientific inquiry. But do we see scientific inquiry as the philosophers and thinkers of the contemporary school of thought?


Nevertheless, deduction and induction are the names of opposite processes of reasoning. These processes are the ways in which we think. Deduction is basically realized as the act of taking away as subtraction. Deduction also involves logic. Logic is cast as an inference from a general rule or principle. For example all animals die. Thus, a cat will die.


Finally deduction applies to the rules by which one stands with a general principle that is

accepted as true. This principle is applied to a particular case. This fusion of principle and

circumstance merits a conclusion that is true if the starting principle was true."


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