Greetings Brethren,


We pray that all of humankind will trust in God. Many people trust and have Faith in many things. Thus by most accounts it is not difficult to trust in your car, stove etc. Is it difficult to trust in God? You can see and feel a car. Can you see and feel God? Yes the presence of God is more vivid than any THING. Can someone be taught to see God? Can someone be taught or learn how to feel God?

We see and feel Truth. We don't know (in the way of the flesh) God however we strive to be with God and the relationship or acquaintance is ongoing and will endure until the End Times.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal August 14, 2002 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.





Part 3: The Spiritual Scientist: Who Is He?


In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.



The Spiritual Scientist is a unique individual. Also he has been around since man first began to think, and form a body of knowledge. However, over time the Spiritual Scientist has developed often not realizing his full potential and abilities.


He is best described as a person who believes in God. This belief is also noted in obedience and repentance. Love for this person extends to the Creator and equals love for self and all of

humankind. However, there is a distinction between love of humankind and sin. One can love the person who sins but not the act of sin. Often there is much confusion on this issue. For example our family (Arnett Family) is one that believes in love for all family members. Thus if one has a different view of politics or if he or she has an alternative life-style we still love them. However, one should never place their loyalty for politics or their life-style over the loyalty to the family. But many even in our family that are lost in the world love sin and not God. For the record many in our family (even immediate family brother, sisters) have been in the vanguard of our Censorship.


As the Spiritual Scientist develops and grows in Truth he realizes his distinct role. The Word of God reveals to him the essence of Truth regarding all matters of life. Thus, theology becomes not just a mere academic discipline but the center-piece of all knowledge, wisdom and Truth. But, to achieve this avenue to Big Truth the Spiritual Scientist must embrace other disciplines of knowledge. Thus, Social Science exists as a virgin collage of facts and data. Here he can hone his skills toward exacting the High-Road of Truth.


We will return to the question, "How does the belief in God render a higher level of Truth?" We bear witness that there are believers and non-believers. We also declare that many believers do not understand their role and responsibilities. The realization that God is the Creator and source of Truth is not for out-ward show and elitist behavior. As we humble ourselves before God we also exert a humble posture toward revealing Truth to humankind.


The diligent and sincere study of the Word of God will reveal to the wise that the Truth of

God is Supreme. This person should also come to realize that God wants all of the human family to have Truth. Because this Truth will render a direct course to a crooked road. The Truth of God will also answer fleeting questions regarding culture and the social, political, historical and economic situations of humankind.


To further explore the question how does the belief in God render a higher level of Truth we see a distinct methodology for Truth. The Social Sciences although as a means to understand all other disciplines are still secondary to Theology and the belief in God. Believers realize their role and the purpose of God and the Word. We thank Jehovah God for His revelations of Truth. Thus, we have become witnesses of Truth. Thus as we grow in Truth, we see a confirmation of facts not seen before in the Social Sciences.


For example the Word of God best explains the struggle of the masses on earth with those who lust for power and domination. Although an economic analysis of many of these questions were first vividly seen in the realm of Marxism, they become established as fact in the Spiritual Scientist's mind. Thus Marx leaves you with little truth but God reveals Big Truth.


As we pose the methodology for arriving at Truth and exactness in the Social Science arena, we also, ponder. Will humankind ever accept the reality that more can be explained than man admits? How can Social Science be established as an exact Science without the baggage of elitism and the label of, why do they think they (FreedomJournal) have an exclusive hold on Truth?


Truth is not always what you expect nor is Truth often what you already know.  If Truth is

always known, it will no longer be Truth. Truth also causes a re-ordering of thought patterns and ways of doing things that have been traditionally accepted. Truth is also a new way of thinking. Sadly most people feel that thinking is a great exertion of energy that they could use not thinking. A mind that is constantly placed on hold will resist Truth and reject the physical processes associated with thinking.


As we place our faith in the Spirit to lead us, we trust that we have not confused anyone thus far. We remind you that one must digest all that we have written and think on the things to come, too gain some understanding about God as the Center of Truth.


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