In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.


When we talk about the creation of math we must have an understanding of the Creator. Therefore a lack of knowledge about the Creator renders a shallow understanding about math and anything that exists. Mathematics as a Creation of God is discovered by man. Are numbers endless? Are numbers timeless?


"Good morning Truth. It is another day and we feel the blessings of God. We are thankful today for all that God has done. We are reminded that during trials and tribulations when we only get tired and disgusted because we have not looked up. For has already given you not one blessing but many. Strive not to be selfish and continue to thank God for what you do have. Remember that God is in the blessing business and if it is His will and in His time you will receive another blessing and relief from the burdens that you may carry."


"So Truth you have told us that math is created by God. Then man who is also a part of God's creation discovers it. You know my question. Is Social Science the created? Also can religion be created?"


"FreedomJournal we are so pleased that you asked those questions. May we respond to the last question first? To explore the reality of religion one must also note the essence of theology. Religion is the belief in God. We also note that Pagans also ascribe to religion although they are ungodly. Religion can also be defined as a particular system for example Christianity or Islam. However religion speaks of one God regardless of system or faith.  Furthermore religion is neither created nor is it invented.


Religion was before there was a before. Thus religion and God has always existed. Does one then discover something that has always existed? Does religion have an exclusive nature regarding the call to embrace God and worship?


What then is Theology? Theology is the study of God. This study involves His nature and attributes and His relations with man and the universe. Also Theology is noted as the study or science of religion and religious beliefs. Hence Theology as a discipline of study is crated or invented by man. It is unique in that it is created to study something that has always existed.


This last point is a departure point and a valid transition FreedomJournal to reflect on your first question. Is Social Science created? Man is crated however Social Science phenomenon is an extension of man's interactions in his environment. Therefore the particular historical, political, economic, Social and psychological experience are thus derived from man. They have no existence without man moving, acting and thinking. Meanwhile these actions are directed by race, culture etc.


How can we best understand these actions by man? We first must know God. Is math cumulative? Is then a cumulative quality applied to Social Science?


John Barrow in his research "The World Within The World," published in 1988 reflects on "What Is Mathematics." The following passage taken from Barrow renders a comparison between math and Social Science. "Science is like a long text that is constantly being redrafted, updated and edited. However math is entirely cumulative."


Here we believe that Barrow is speaking of natural and Physical Science. However the principle he has noted are must often perceived to apply to Social Science We argue that Social Science take on the cumulative properties of mathematics. Thus we can move to an ultimate level of Truth."


"Truth we have several other questions we trust that you will respond to. What about the contradicting views of Platonism and Conceptualism?"


"Platonism is the view that mathematicians discover math rather than invent it. Conceptualism is the completed antithesis of Platonism, and is popular with sociologist rather than mathematicians and scientists, most of whom instinctively reject it.


We believe that mathematics is as a creation God exists. As an existing phenomenon or science it is discovered by man. It is also adapted to suit the culture or environment in which man lives. Barrow poses the following question and answer.


"Can the idea that math is culturally derived be defended? Different mathematicians in different cultures living in different circumstances have often come up with the same Math."


Math exists due to a consistent system of logic. So does Social Science. However the breakdown in this system of logic occurs in those that deny the existence of God.


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