Greetings Brethren,


The world is mired in hate, greed, confusion and the denial of Truth. As the forewarning to the foolishness of humankind has been rendered, we seek to arouse the curious and the righteous. Is there more knowledge than man will admit to? What does (man) the creatures of the earth actually know? If man seeks to lift himself up can he ever realize the Truth of God?

"Spiritific knowledge" comes out of the righteous Truth-Seeker. This realm of thought will allow the High-Road to Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge. We pray for peace in the family, throughout the land and country, the church and for Peace in Jerusalem.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal July 31, 2002 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.






In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.


As we approach this topic, we will identify a person who best interprets the methods for obtaining Truth. As a matter of logic and reasoning one would assume that there are three persons in the flesh involved in the healing process. The patient, doctor and preacher or a religious person. There is also the learning process. Here the Spiritual Scientist becomes foremost. However, in this capacity he stands alone. He is often met with solitude and without the way of the Wind, Rain and Holy Spirit he would feel alone and forsaken.


Who is the person that can interpret, affirm, predict and guide the healing process? This person is the Spiritual Scientist. He could be a medical doctor, he could be a Preacher he also could be the patient. For the record the Spiritual Scientist does not take the place of the doctor or the Preacher. Also let it be recorded that healing is physical and mental. Healing is also Spiritual.


Who is he? We can best describe the Spiritual Scientist by noting what he is devoid of. Thus, we will draw a brief comparative analysis of the Spiritual Scientist and the Physical Scientist. Most Physical Scientists are atheists. They believe that things that cannot be proven do not exist. Generally Physical Scientists with the mood of atheism and agnosticism wallow and submerge themselves in disbelief of God and the Creation. Therefore God is non-existent to them because no one can scientifically prove that God exists.  Many Physical Scientists also create means of mass destruction.


They make and develop through various research efforts the means in which to make bombs and various weaponry designed to kill other human beings. These same scientists and their sponsors spend billions of dollars on Space Exploration and commit further acts of ungodliness as they search to destroy with a hidden agenda that reveals: "If the heavens exist we will find it and who ever resides there.” They also provide the research data for human cloning and the tampering with the Creation of man. Many have also entered an ungodly greedy campaign to tell man that he can live forever. Here Satan is fastly gaining recruits as many wait in line thinking that man can supersede the Creator and hold life in a time capsule by freezing one's remains.


Meanwhile with all of the so-called knowledge that these insane Scientists have we declare that the Physical Scientist or any other scientist that reject God has a limited data base. This includes some of the (alleged) most brilliant men in history, for example Albert Einstein and Karl Marx.


So who is the Spiritual Scientist? First of all the Spiritual Scientist incorporates all other disciplines of study into his vision and view of the world and its people. He believes that God is the center of Truth. In fact he declares that God is Truth.


The Spiritual Scientist goes on to reveal that the Spirit of God guides Truth. He believes that the Spiritual Scientist which of course takes in the Social Sciences is unique and is an all-encompassing discipline and method of study.


As an exact Science is rendered outside the realm of the Physical Sciences, it is made possible by the motivations and methodologies rendered by the Spiritual Scientist. Thus, Social Science phenomenon’s and concerns can become confirmed in a manner of precision and exactness.


As we clear up any confusion among who is a Spiritual Scientist and who is a Social Scientist we note the following. The Spiritual Scientist is distinct and apart but not alone. The most apt Social Scientist in order to reach the high road of Truth and accuracy must become a Spiritual Scientist. Hence, one can move to the ranks of Spiritual Science with credentials in history and Political Science. However in order for the Spiritual Scientist to grow and develop he must reach down and embrace the various disciplines of study that make him whole.


The explanation of the miraculous and miracles are very important toward our discussion of the world and the definitive qualities of the Spiritual Scientist. Can the miraculous ever be explained? Can the Spiritual Scientist also explain the existence of miracles in the healing process? Will there always be a void and a realm of the unknown for those in the flesh?


The Spiritual Scientist can therefore make exact conclusions of many concerns in the Social Sciences. How can this be? Yes, how can Social Science become an exact science with kinship to mathematics? Further revelations concerning the definitive qualities of the Spiritual Scientist may answer the previous questions.


Cont. Part 2: Is Spiritual Science An Exact Science?



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