Ode To Martin Luther King Jr.



Dear Martin, you had to die so that your dream could live.

Yes Martin, you had the courage and love to give.


The words of your speeches and sermons, that

made the scriptures come alive are embedded in

our minds for ever.


The sound of your resonant, rhythmic voice that

portrayed the teachings of Jesus rings in our ears.


Your life was like a soldier=s. You had to fight,

though yours was non-violent.


We remember the boycotts, the marches, and the

protests, for which you were put in jail, many times.

This never daunted your persistence. You continued

the war against crime.


Today we love you, we honor you. We thank God

for your life. You lived, worked, fought, suffered

and even died to make the lives of others better.


Although you have been banished from our sight,

the love in our hearts for you will never be removed.

Only God can reprove.


You could not truly rest here in this world of sin.

So God called you home where you can peacefully repose

with the saints of glory without end.





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