Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. We bring you greetings from our Father God Almighty and His son our Savior Christ Jesus, blessed also is the Holy Spirit that moves and guides us the straight and often narrow way. As we continue our sojourn all along the Watch Tower we look out and see that Michael Jackson was “The Greatest Entertainer of all Times.” Muhammad Ali was (is) the greatest Heavy Weight fighter and champion of all times. However some would dispute this however none come disputing that Michael Jackson was a musical genius the world has never seen.


It is also written that the good outweighs the bad. There was once a leader of a Black Nationalist organization that cleaned up countless Black men and women from drugs, vice and lives of crime. He was charged never convicted with infidelity and promiscuous behavior bearing children out of wed-lock however the good crushed the bad and one has to be real and just as sure as the wind blows. There was also a great martyred Civil Rights leader that was also charged with the unfaithfulness as he also was alleged to have slept with women other than his wife. But there was nothing else to report as this great man became one of the greatest humanitarian leaders of all times. Recently a former NFL Quarterback was murdered and it seems to imply that he had an extra martial relationship with a woman that was found slain beside his body. However he gave back to the community and from all accounts had a sincere heart of love for the community and all people. This most likely was one of his problems as many people cannot separate love and kindness from an alleged state of weakness.


Meanwhile with the passing of Michael Jackson who has moved from the lowly ranks as the “King of Pop” to the “Greatest Entertainer of all Times” has shook up the world. No one in the history of mankind has attracted the media frenzy and the unprecedented outpouring of sentiments of love as did Michael Jackson when he departed this life June 25, 2009. I am reminded of Sammy Davis Jr. as being a multi-talented entertainer. Although his talent was extraordinary he did not live in the same era as Michael Jackson. Nor did Mr. Davis have the world-wide appeal as Michael Jackson. Therefore are there any parallels with Michael Jackson and President Barack Obama?


Is there something to be learned in the election of Barack Obama to the office of president and his world-wide appeal and the world-wide appeal of Michael Jackson? Are racial barriers falling as we speak as people are becoming more aware of the mood of love and mutual cooperation among the people of the world for the survival of humankind? Meanwhile we would be remiss here if we did not note the following. Is President Barack Obama on the way to being “The Greatest President of all Times?” Stay focused and follow the Spirit.  We declare then you will then be able to see as much as the blind man who is not as blind as you may think.


We Remember Michael


Beloved no one knows the burden of another man.

Who can speak of what sent one to cosmetic surgeons?

But most know that show business has always presented

beauty and good looks as only skin deep. However Michael

had love deep inside and this is what we saw on the outside.


Never did he defect from his race, his culture as no one

ever denied that his lineage back to “The Land of the

Blacks” gave him the instincts to move as no other had

ever moved in dance filled with songs that penetrated

all races and broke down any barriers as to language, custom

as the tradition of love is universal.


I saw someone as they reached back to try to claim something

from a lost childhood and to show love to those young at

heart. So much so that there was a dream that became true at “Never-

Land” as here was a paradise for the young and the not so young.

I remember also the great feeling to know that Michael came from

my community. He made us proud.


He also instilled pride in our hearts and minds as he spoke to

the world and the world listened. What demons follow success

as the vultures look around every corner giving bad advice seeking

to devour the young and the sincere at heart. But we declare as it is

written that there is no heart stolen that is pure and sincere.


We remember and I remember Michael that genius is always mis-

understood. Also we come realizing that those that conform to all

things are never noted as great thinkers and any contributions that

follow are limited and bland soaked in the ordinary that is boring

even for the slow tortoise as the fleet of foot and mind go by in a

flash and taking in the Wind.


Peace and Golden Paradise, Carl A. Patton a willing slave and servant of Almighty God and Christ Jesus writing for the FreedomJournal Press a God Fearing Free Press 16 July 2009 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

All rights reserved by FreedomJournal Press 2009.