Editors Note: Beloved no matter what the confused naysayers say we will continue to come in love. We had tears of joy and there was no pain. Meanwhile the wet of tear drops flowed from our eyes that had been spoken to by the heart that saw love.


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. We bring you greetings from our Father God Almighty and His son our Savior Christ Jesus, blessed also is the Holy Spirit that moves and guides us the straight and often narrow way. As we continue our sojourn all along the Watch Tower we look out and see Precedents. What are the great accomplishments of Michael Jackson? Can we count them up in some logical fashion by noting the precedents that he established?


Counting up the definitive qualities of the word precedent we see that Michael Jackson said or did something that justified and authorized the future use of the same words or deeds.  His creative style would serve as an example or reason for further developments in the world of entertainment. For the record Michael also set precedents as a humanitarian.  He did this in his music in love, united in the spirit of compassion with a passion sincere and genuine.


He Was First But He Will Never Be The Last


I moved with the groove as the those 5 Bad

Brothers broke onto the music scene. Many

groups came along often to imitate them but none

ever to duplicate as the Jackson 5 had some

sort of magic.


Most of us knew that Michael was great but many

could sing and dance in our community as our culture

had produced so many great ones as we created many

art forms in music as we gave up to the world all that

Jazz, Blues, Spirituals, Gospels, Soul, Rhythm and


Blues, Spoken Word, Hip Hop and Rap. The dance

moves also seem to come naturally from many of

our entertainers as we took “James Brown the Soul

Brother Number One” for granted as he did the Funky

Broad Way and Mashed Potatoes.


So when Michael came on the scene first with the

4 and he made 5 we were accustomed to greatness

on the dance floor and on-stage as we were born

entertainers. However Michael began to grow right

before our eyes.


He then began to mesmerize us as he took the stage

and went to heights unknown previously by anyone

in the music industry. He opened the Video as it had

since been bland and ordinary. He revolutionized the

stage productions for the mega stars as the fans were,


Always surprised as each production was greater and

more original than the last. He crossed over so much that

this term was not even used to describe his appeal to

all that had ears and eyes to see. His gift toward the

business end also helped pave the way for other musicians,


That had been historically shut out of the process to also

see after their numbers and figure into their careers and not

rely upon the mercy of record companies, a Cadillac and a

one hundred dollar bill. Michael also saw fashion in a different

sense. He knew one had to be unique to command your own audience.


So fashion was not just a fashion statement but a way of promotion

as style of dress unique only to the King was also a significant

aspect of his own self promotion. However his gift to be able to

take any song and raise the bar is something that placed him in

another category and this was not a precedent that could be captured,


By others. However those that try further promote the Michael

Jackson image and so do those that attempt to practice the

precedent setting dance steps like the “Moon Walk.”  Ballet dancers

only stood on their toes but Michael was Michael. But Michael

also set the standards and became a forerunner in love and the unity,


That goes into the love equation. Here we find his greatest precedents

and often are over looked. We know that his talent and musical genius

outweighs anything negative that one could ever conjure up however

his love of people and his humanitarian deeds have mostly gone unnoticed.

Here we find the greatest precedents and we all can reach out for them.


Cont. Part 4: FreedomJournal Tribute to Michael Jackson


Peace and Golden Paradise, Carl A. Patton a willing slave and servant of Almighty God and Christ Jesus writing for the FreedomJournal Press a God Fearing Free Press 11 July 2009 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

All rights reserved by FreedomJournal Press 2009.